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dictionary skills

These free worksheets are designed to help increase your students' vocabulary and assist them in learning the meanings of new words. This could be used in speech-language therapy, small groups, or whole classroom instruction.

To the Point Guide Words $ Seventy preprogrammed Guide Word Pencils are provided in this file Each pencil has a preprogrammed list of guide words. The top word is the first dictionary entry word and the bottom word is the last dictionary entry word. Students need to determine 2 possible word choices to fit between the guide words. An answer key is not given as answers will vary. Students can use alphabetical skills or a dictionary to help generate their own answers.

This activity will compliment your unit on word problems in 3rd grade. A student-created math dictionary allows students to collect important math vocabulary as well as words and phrases specific to each of the 4 operations. The booklet then becomes a student resource for the year! Aligned with CCLS 3.OA.D.8, this activity includes a cover and student dictionary pages and a complete plan for a mini-unit which challenges students to write their own word problems!$

Grade 3 Math Dictionary

Cute little dictionary activity that can be used to teach any set of vocabulary words and dictionary skills. Short and sweet - nothing fancy....

Dictionary Detectives FREEBIE!

Dictionary Terms Freebie w/ Activities

3-6 Free Resources: Dictionary Terms Freebie w/ Activities

Using a Dictionary Activity

Classroom Freebies: Using a Dictionary Activity

word definition/dictionary activities (including parts of speech)

Word Definition/Dictionary Activities: Enchanted Learning

There are two worksheets. One worksheet is on dictionary skills where students have to find different words and features in the dictionary. The ...

Simply Skilled in Second: Dictionary Skills

Simply Skilled in Second: Dictionary Skills

These are GREAT to include in your literacy centers/workstations. The dictionary skills require the kids to use dictionaries, learn new words, not...

Dictionary Skills and Poetry Skills

No-no: this is the 21st century... Kids are digital natives and won't use paper dictionaries. Teach them to use digital dictionaries.

Third Grade Thinkers: Using Dictionaries in Third Grade
  • Tabatha Morris

    Digital dictionaries are awesome; however, on state mandated tests, they are not allowed to use digital (yet). They should learn to use both:)