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It Gets Better

  • Amanda Kelleher

    Your story is SO sad and tragic Kenneth. I hope that you are an inspiration to others NEVER be bullied into silence ♥

  • Mr. Princesscakes

    Kenneth, all of my love goes out to you and your family. You will be missed.

It gets better

  • Kimberley Schaus

    it really does. i wish you had stuck around to find out...

  • James Maxwell

    Your presence in the world will be missed. I'm so sorry that you will not be here to see that change is happening.

  • Chris Reising

    I miss you babe

  • Andrew Haukebo

    I wish you could have held on to the belief that things get better, that your struggles in school would make you stronger. I know that's not always possible. In so many ways I feel like you are me and I am you.

  • Madi Albrant

    miss ya ♥

I hope so..