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In memory of my big sister...

I missed you today. Stayed on here to keep my mind off of you. Didn't work. I can't wait for Wednesday and Saturday. 2 times this week., I'm a lucky birthday boy.

Grief. This is SO true. My dad has been gone for almost 13 years and I am finally at a point I can understand this. I will never say I am grateful for his death, but it definitely gave me something that very few others have.

Stillborn and Still Breathing: The Colors of Grief

more than I ever dreamed was possible. This is the loss that is physically painful, the hurt that never heals, the longing for our life that will never die. And I am all alone with this.

How true this is. So many words I would have spoken. I miss my Dad so much it hurts.

Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us every day...unseen, unheard, but always near...still loved, still missed, and very dear. ♥ Byrdie ♥

Still missing my sis, but getting oh, so much better!

Our Lord is amazing.

6 years ago this April, I lost my husband and 2 children in a truck accident. This is one of many interpretations of my grief.