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How To Grow Peanuts. Yes, You Can Grow That (even in Zone 5). This legume, relative to the common green bean, grows a bit differently. The plant itself is a bush type, producing pretty little self-fertile yellow flowers that bend down to the soil and send in a shoot that the peanut will grow on. #gardengrowingtips

10 Under-Used Trees and Shrubs For the Fruitful Edible Yard. As the movement toward local, sustainable food grows across the nation and around the world, more people are recognizing that our own yards offer plenty of opportunity for growing our own. Edible landscaping is the perfect complement to a vegetable garden. #gardengrowingtips

Horseradish. Spice up your garden with this rugged and cold-hardy perennial that grows best where there's enough of a winter to force the plants into dormancy. You can choose from two widely available types of horseradish: common horseradish, which has broad, crinkled leaves, and Bohemian, which has narrower, smooth leaves and better disease resistance, though disease is very rarely a problem for home gardeners. #gardengrowingtips

Phenology: Let Nature Tell You When To Do Your Garden Chores. Phenology is very useful in helping us figure out when to plаnt certаin vegetаbles in the gаrden. We look аt bloom times аnd leаves of other plаnts to let us know when the аmbient temperаture or soil temperаture is right for plаnting. Here аre some of the most common phenology tips for vegetаble gаrdening. #gardengrowingtips

Can you grow vegetables in the shade? Yes, there is such a thing as a shade vegetable. Some vegetables prefer limited exposure to sunlight. But it's important to know which veggie needs what. Click through to find out so you can start planting. #shadegardens

Gardening Tip: If you are planting a backyard or container garden, recycle the (purified) water used for cooking or steaming veggies by using it to water your garden. Be sure to allow the water to cool. #gardengrowingtips

Weather Watch Out/Don't Plant Too Early: Areas with approaching last frost dates that are expecting very cold weather in the extended forecast (Apr 17-23). Click around on the map, it's interactive. The shaded areas represent an intersection between period of last frost potential and Climate Prediction Center below normal temperature probabilities for Apr 17-23. #frostdates #gardening

Top 3 Plants That Will Save You the Most Money on Groceries When Grown at Home!

Three Sisters Garden. Short on space but still want a garden? Try planting a Three Sisters Garden with your kids this year! With a few modifications this Native American technique can even be adapted to grow in a pot and you can enjoy all the benefits of these plants that help each other grow in even the smallest gardening plans. #smallspacegardens

How to collect, transplant, and care for moss. If you want to add moss to your pots or planters, this article explains how to establish it and get it growing. | The Micro Gardener

18 Plants That Attract Butterflies: A Regional Guide. Plants that attract butterflies and bees are not only helpful to the ecosystem, they’re also quite beautiful to look at! If you’ve always wanted to start a butterfly garden, but weren’t sure about the best way to support your local species, this guide is for you. #gardening #butterflies

Planting Flowers by Zone. Planting flowers by zone is a way to ensure you have a healthy and productive flower garden this year. In agricultural terms, "zones" are unique geographical locales where specific climates dictate what plants will best grow there. #gardenzones

Building Soil with Lasagna Gardening. To create a healthy, resilient garden with few pests and disease, building soil is the key to growing nutrient dense food in your garden. Essentially, a lasagna garden is made up of layers and layers of organic material that compost in place to create rich garden beds.#gardenbeds #lasagnagardening

When Less is More; Farmers Are Reaping the Benefits of No-till Agriculture. With no-till agriculture, farmers avoid disturbing the soil through tilling or plowing. In other words, the roots and stems of the previous crop are left in place to decay which helps to add organic matter to the soil. No-till has a number of benefits. Click thru to learn what they are. #notillgardening

17 Easy-to-Start Seeds for Beginner Gardeners. Think you can t grow anything? Try these easy-to-grow seeds in your garden and change that perception. Click thru to see what they are. #gardengrowtips

"Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden." ~ Robert Brault

Vegetables You Can Grow in the Shade. Do you lack full, all day sun? Here is a chart indicating which vegetables grow well in 2-5 hours of sun a day. Which shade vegetables have you had luck with in your garden? #gardengrowtips #shadeveggies

Make Your Own Flower Tower. You could also make a vegetable tower. Grow strawberries/lettuce/herbs or a mixture of things. As long as they all have the same soil and watering requirements they should all live happily together. This vertical garden is great space saver. #verticalgardens