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Super easy art project for fall and Halloween! (Textured Pumpkin: Fall Art Project for Kids~

Fall Art Projects for Kids: Textured Pumpkins - Buggy and Buddy

Pumpkin Theme Preschool fun from @{1plus1plus1} Carisa

Pumpkin & Fall Preschool Fun - 1+1+1=1

Pumpkin Themed Tot School Trays - Moms Have Questions Too

Pumpkin Themed Tot Trays - Moms Have Questions Too

Pumpkin Alphabet |

Halloween Alphabet |

Pumpkin Scarecrow Printable Craft

Pumpkin Scarecrow Printable Craft

Pumpkin Coloring Printables from www.1plus1plus1eq...

Pumpkins ~ Just Color! - 1+1+1=1

Pumpkin Theme Collection

Pumpkin Printables & More - 1+1+1=1

This packet has activities that you can use when teaching a unit on pumpkins. Activities include:Graphing, Writing, Using Your Senses, Math Cards,...

Pumpkin Activities for K-1

Pumpkin Theme Tot School Fun

Pumpkin Sensory Bin & Tot Trays - 1+1+1=1

Doodle Art Pumpkin Coloring Pages

The Pumpkin Patch Parable {printable activity}

Pumpkins ~ Lapbook

Pumpkins ~ Lapbook - 1+1+1=1

Shining God's Love on Halloween {printable activity}

Raising Rock Stars ~ Halloween - 1+1+1=1
  • April Y.

    Not trying to be critical but I've done a lot of research on Halloween and it's origins and it is not a Biblical nor Godly celebration at all. Again, not trying to be critical but encourage research.

  • Jennifer Cogle

    Thanks Carisa for sharing such a wonderful post about how to shake it up and let our littles know there is more to this world than just scary stuff. =)

  • {1plus1plus1} Carisa

    @April Y. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, I too have done extensive research on Halloween and it's origins, my favorite book was Redeeming Halloween, it taught me so much years ago {my pastors and church have too}. Not sure if you saw the post itself, but it isn't at all about celebrating Halloween, it is about how we let our light shine when others are celebrating something that we don't celebrate. ;-)

  • Lizzie Ater

    God created pumpkins and the book she used does help children to celebrate Fall and not the scariness of Halloween. We celebrate All Saint's Day on Nov. 1 and Oct.31 is the celebration of All Hallo's Eve.

  • JoEllyn Martin

    Thank you for this craft! Trying to teach children during Sunday school can be challenging but anything which is a "hands-on" craft is wonderful!

Marble Painted Pumpkins Craft

Something Special ~ Marble Painted Pumpkins Craft - 1+1+1=1