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Education & classroom ideas

Some of the most popular Education Pins of 2013. For more Education Pins, check out:

9 hands-on activities for teaching sight words

Multi-Sensory Ideas for Teaching Sight Words

26 fun-filled ways to teach reading and writing. {Playdough to Plato}

The ABCs of Early Literacy - Playdough To Plato
  • Ruth Harper

    This is a great site. I can totally relate to the need to have many ways to do a task such as sight word development. I am new to the younger grade after years at grade 6 and find it important to slow down my pace and find a variety of ways to do these critical tasks. Thanks

Sight word dominoes

Sight Word Dominoes & Speed Racer Game
  • Lilia Alzate

    Wow. Great idea which I'll use with affixes and rhyming words to help ELLs.

  • Chris Binder

    Also you can use words from easy chapter books if the child needs a little extra work on them.

  • Tami Ballard

    great idea for vocabulary words. Maybe could match the word with a picture or definition.

  • Eileen Grady

    Sounds like a great idea for my class to help with sight word recognition. Thanks.

  • Thereza MOREIRA

    Excellent idea!

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Today is wonderful poster! Just print this poster, frame it (or laminate it), and have students come up with a reason each day. Help students learn about optimism, positivity, and gratefulness with this quick, daily exercise.

TheHappyTeacher: Spring Break Countdown!
  • Deborah Richards

    This could be a daily breakfast topic at my house! I am going to do this with my 4 and 6 year old daughters. It will be interesting to see how the answers to that question change over time. (my answers and my 2 daughters' answers)

  • Emily Poleson

    Very nice, I agree with Deborah above we could be doing this daily!

  • Marilyn Henderson

    Love this idea. Will probably use it in my classroom.

  • JDD

    Nice way to start or finish the day.

  • Brenda Green

    Great idea to use as a writing prompt at the beginning of the day.

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OMG!! From the School Supply Addict, a ton of links to teacher's blogs where they show their room set-up. Themes, organization, activity areas, etc. Only go when you have plenty of time! You could spend hours taking notes on all the great ideas that are being shared!

Room Setup - The School Supply Addict
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Prefixes and Suffixes Interactive Journal ideas

Jennifer's Teaching Tools: Prefixes and Suffixes!

Worry Warriors: Helping Kids Cope with Anxiety

If I Were Trapped in a Snow Globe writing prompt

Primary Punch: Thank You Pinterest!
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Ways a Parent Can Help With Spelling

100+ Stores That Give a Teacher Discount - BestCollegesOnlin...

100+ Stores That Give a Teacher Discount -
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20 Brain Break clips from Teach.Train.Love (Best part- She put them through a student-friendly filter so no images or text will pop up like they do on YouTube!)

20 Brain Break Clips: Fight the Fidgeting

Great idea! When students are at lunch the "Punctuation Super Heroes" sneak in and leave Skittles on correct punctuation. Very motivating.

  • Donna Herman

    I'm a high school special education teacher and what I love about this is the visual shows students what punctuation might look like and the need for it. Kids who struggle with reading, many times, do not recognize punctuation-nbow they will! Fun activity! Thanks for sharing.

  • Angelo Fernando

    Let's not get too persnickety about the missed punctuation here. Her idea is a work in progress. I'm not in favor of rewards, and certainly not edible ones. But the surprise element in the core idea here.

  • Allison Sutherland

    Wow! A lot of you are extremely negative. How about the cardinal rule, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Every teaching style is different.

  • Lori Riley

    reminds me of learning "oo" with Cheerios and also using hole punch "dots" as periods.

  • Mlynn Johns

    Darlene, agreed! I will be using my fuzzies as a reward for this when we return to school in January! My students turn in their fuzzies at the end of each week for non material rewards. Great motivator for 7 and 8 year olds.

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Common Core is all about evidence!! Standard One for all grades is all about showing the evidence!! This is a great Anchor Chart for Textual Evidence Sentence Starters

Textual Evidence « Kristi Hancock

Building Shapes by abeecpreschool #Kids #Shapes

A, Bee, C, Preschool: Search results for building shapes
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