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Washi Tape Glitter Valentine's Mani How-to

The 10 Beauty Mistakes That Add 10 Years

To make nail polish last longer on your nails, take a cotton ball and dip it in vinegar then swipe it over your un-polished nail. After it’s dry, polish your nail!

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DIY Winter Facial Scrubs

Pastel pink and black nails

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  • Juli Lancy

    I'm thinkin' it's gonna take a little more than a pot of concealer to make me a morning person!!~

  • Andrea W

    I have this and it is do worth it! I've had the same one for two years because a little goes a long way. It is perfect for all skin tones because it blends in. It also isn't heavy so you don't feel cake-y.

  • Kathie L

    I love benefits products. This is great and so is their "eye bright" pencil. I've been using their products for years. I've never been disappointed.

  • Sue DeVore

    I use this!

Three Easy New Year’s Eve Nail Tutorials

Winged liner

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Make three ponytails, braid, then twist into three buns and pin.

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How to style a high chignon

DIY: All Natural, Non-Toxic Face Cleansing Recipe.

  • Andie Wimpy

    I am so excited to try this All Ntrl..... I've been slowly working my way toward this & thus far its changed my skin for the better! ! Thus far, Sara's method seems simple & very informative. I think everyone is amazing sharing all there secrets!! So appreciative :)

Hair tutorial on braid waves. How to create waves without a curler.

Easy braided upstyle tutorial

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Egg yolks won't only make your hair softer, shinier, and healthier, but it helps you to grow it out long as well. Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp of olive oil, dilute the mixture by adding a cup of water, and then slowly and thoroughly massage this mask into your scalp. Give your hair and scalp 15 to 20 minutes to absorb all the needed nutrients and then rinse off.

  • Corrine Allen

    My advice to anyone thinking about this...Do NOT forget that you put egg in your hair then jump in a hot shower! You will be trying to get scrambled egg out your hair for an hour and a half. Oh the shame!

  • Anna Johnson

    oh! I didn't have that problem when I did it. But I didn't see much difference, so Minette may be on to something.

  • Ale Hernandez

    @Sarah Perez lets give this a try lol

  • Heather Wilson

    The hair pictured isn't shiny at all. Why would anyone try this based on the picture?

  • Sandra Williams

    I was just thinking the same thing Heather.... My hair already looks like this. I want it to look shiny!!!!

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How to fix broken makeup. Pour a few teaspoons of plain rubbing alcohol over the cracked make-up. (Isopropyl Alcohol can be found at at your local Pharmacist or Chemist.

  • MsMd 310

    didn't work on my SmashBox eyeshadow that got SMASHED. Still crumbly when the alcohol evaporates.

  • Kaelyn Black

    Does this thing work on face powder?

  • Sandy Carty

    Don't know. Haven't tried it yet. I don't have any broken powder or blush to try it on. If it works on your let me know!! Others say it doesn't work.

  • Kamilla Tashina

    I've done this and it did work., but you have to go to the article and follow the instructions, you can't just dump rubbing alcohol on your makeup.

  • Christina does work with pressed powder.

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