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Home decor

Some of the most popular Home Decor Pins of 2013

Backyard design

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Organized kitchen

  • Mindi Wilhelm

    I love it. It looks like this person actually cooks and does it well and in record time. I wish it were me!

  • Suzanne Bell

    I am going to incorporate this idea in my new kitchen remodel. Custom size spacing to suit various purposes eg, canisters, cans, teas etc will make great use of the space!

  • Jacootie Stroller Headlights

    Wow! I have to do this

  • Andrew's Reclaimed

    handsome, pretty, utilitarian, a bit french provincial, love it!

  • Suzanne Bell

    The house we are renovating started life as a wood working factory so we are using reclaimed timber, steel, polished concrete floors and giving it a bit of an industrial vibe. I think that this storage idea will work a treat with our design aesthetic and indeed with many design styles.

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Soho Loft Of Artist Marina Abramovic |
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Bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year, 2012

Concrete Architects In Amsterdam’s Red Light District
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The Open House Project via Design Sponge

The Open House Project | Design*Sponge
  • Melanie Burns

    It may look cluttered, but the Open House concept means all products are for sale. They load up the gorgeous goods and you can grab it as you wander through. The furniture, I believe, is from Jardan, not Ikea.

  • Suzanne Bell

    What a great idea! This Open House concept is new to me. Thanks for setting me right!

  • STYLEWITHOUTEND.COM Official Pinterest Page

    Throw pillows and rugs are the perfect accessories to make this room really work. Love it!

  • Suzanne Bell

    I agree! The colorful and interesting prints on the throw cushions add life to the neutral sofa. As a lover of interesting textiles, I do believe that they are crucial to creating a successful living room (and stands true for bedrooms etc).

  • Aquabrass

    very eclectic! Lovely with all the light that comes from the windows

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10 Best Ikea Hacks of 2012

  • gWitster Finds

    GWITSTER says, "Stylish Product + Your Imagination = The best of design décor!"

  • Patricia Todd

    yea and cheaper, Gwitster

  • gWitster Finds

    Please let me know what else you find. I am looking for design ideas and those little known shops that can't be missed in towns around the world.

  • Lennar

    We LOVE a good IKEA hack!

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large barnwood mirror on floor

Interior // large floor mirrors - PS by Dila
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Dresser to Vanity

From Dresser to Vanity
  • Sara Ward

    I've liked this idea for a long time. The chest that is pictured above is lends its design and color very well to a bathroom!

  • Moonwishes Sewing and Crafts

    We did that with a vintage dresser and happily we had the mirror that attached to the dresser, so hubby managed to put a cupboard behind the mirror so we also have a medicine cabinet besides.

  • Terri Kimble Theresa Anderson

    We live in a house built around 1920-1930's. It has been taken care of over the years but still has the glass doorknobs and some things like that. I would love to replace the vanity upstairs with something like this.

  • Andrew's Reclaimed

    sweet! our first tenet of recycling...repurposing!

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How to build bookcases that resemble built ins for your living room/dining room.

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DIY: Pretty Crate Wall Storage

Morning by Morning Productions: Crate Wall Storage
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23 Ways to Save Money Building Your Dream Home

23 Ways to Save Money Building Your Dream Home
  • Barbara Dyess

    We didn't use a realtor when building our current home, and sure wish we would have had the sense to do so. We live our home but found out that our neighbors got many "upgrades" for free, thanks to theirs.

  • Iveys Coffee

    I am thinking of doing my studio apartment kitchen,this is on idea.Love this.

  • Peter Anderson

    Great tips, we used a lot of them when we built our home! Of course our best tip was to "have family who are builders and can cut you a great deal"! :) Here are a few of our tips..

  • Andrew's Reclaimed

    it's a ll the little things. we did all the "finish work" on ours, and saved loot

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Laundry room before and after

Laundry Room Inspiration: Redecorate a laundry room on a budget
  • Autism (Autism Classroom)

    I want to be that creative with decorating.

  • Suzanne Bell

    This shows just how far a little imagination can take you! A very boring laundry becomes a very pleasant place to use!

  • Christina E Naylor

    This is wonderful!!!

  • Suzanne Bell

    I am about to start renovating an older house with a small and narrow laundry. I am really inspired to go bold on color and pattern. To the other end I'll just add an ironing board station with cloth sorting bags underneath and "voila"hopefully a great laundry!

  • Andrew's Reclaimed

    what a transition!

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Choosing Paint Color: Designer Sabrina Soto's

Choosing Paint Color: Sabrina Soto's Favorite Colors
  • Baltimore Design Center

    I love working with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey as a neutral background to juxtapose with saturated color fabrics and carpets

  • Daybreak Huraczy

    oh yeah.... these are good unless u want more popping color!!! I like painting 1 wall in a room a vibrant hue. ;)

  • Andrew's Reclaimed

    lovely earthens and cools, that's our style!

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Mandy Jean Chic: FREE Toilet Room Makeover
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