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Top Pins of 2013

Top Pins of 2013

Check out the popular Pins that took the world by storm this year! These were Pinner favorites, from the top tattoos and tech trends to the cutest critters.

Free People FP New Romantics Could You Be Loved Dress

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Bonnie & Clyde

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Luottoreseptit: porkkanamuffinssit - Suvi sur le vif |

paintstick garden markers

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You can turn those leftover soda bottles into a vertical garden with some supplies and a bit of crafting skills. This concept come to us from Brazilian design firm Rosenbaum, as part of a TV series of dramatic makeovers of homes. This urban garden was such a hit that Rosenbaum released these instructions so anyone create their own.

  • laura seymour

    I would make sure to put a few nail holes in the bottom. Not only will it help drainage, it will water the plants below it if they are directly below it.

  • Carol Arvidson

    Beautiful and practical!

  • Andrew's Reclaimed

    how useful! now THAT's recycling!

  • laura seymour

    I was an elementary science teacher and we made some plant containers out of those bottles. We learned that the drainage is a must and our drainage went to feed the fish that were in the bottom rung of our pop bottle tower. Your idea is much prettier, though.

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Empowering Mothers, Delivering Hope for Water Day - Global Motherhood on HuffPo

8 Foods That Fight Pain

  • Rajesh Chaudhary

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Valerie Koss

    I Have Fibromyalgia for Almost 24yrs. And I'd Do Anything to be PainFree! Thank You for Sharing This with Me...Looking Forward to Trying Them Out! :)

It's easy to avoid obviously dirty objects. But what about those that secretly house icky bacteria? Here are 21 everyday objects that probably need a deep clean right about now.

  • ❥ RosaLinda Meraz ❥

    Aww, my purses!?!! Really? I NEVER place my purse on any ground and I try my best to keep them clean. Germs are everywhere, apparently.....even on my coaches :)

  • Jode

    Antibacterial IS bad for our immune system. As well as our sewage systems. The CDC has advised to use hand soap. No more of the soaps with the active ingredient Triclosan.

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Spaghetti Squash 5 Ways to cook it!

Beautifully organized baby closet

  • K. Ayala

    I will do this in my son's white armoire, it has glass doors, It will look Awesome!!!!

American Pastoral: Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard's Brooklyn Home

Drugstore Beauty Binge — What To Try In 2013

  • Jode

    This no longer links to the article.

Quinoa: the super hero of super food-Collection of quinoa recipes, info, and how to cook

  • Rabbit

    Thanks for the info. I have no problem with anything you said, except for one glaring problem. "If quinoa is one of the only things you can eat then that's' a personal decision." No, Adrienne, it's not a personal decision. If I could eat a variety of other things, I would and then that would be a choice. Sometimes a person's diet is not what they've decided it should be, but instead is what they're forced into for adequate nutrition due to other factors. Everything starts with awareness, right?

  • Rabbit

    I'm sure it wasn't your intent to judge my eating habits, but you need to be aware. I'm hardly the only person in this boat - unfortunately, because I wouldn't wish it on anyone - and it's difficult enough to deal with on its own, without people calling it a decision. People like me face that everyday because what we eat might "inconvenience" someone else. I can't tell you the number of times that I, and those like me, have even jokingly been harassed for what we can't eat. I'm just saying that it has nothing to do with "palatable," it has to do with "inaccurate" and I'm just suggesting you watch your word choice.

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  • Lee Smith

    I don't know to use this place yet..

  • Shirley Barr

    This looks like the perfect MBR for Leslie Barr!



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Awesome DIY idea for an entryway - driftwood hung from rope and a painted wooden crate.