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Techology trends

Some of the most popular Technology Pins of 2013

Five Must-Have Waterproof Devices That Make a Splash: The Daily Details: Blog : Details

To iPad or not to iPad: A tablet buyer's guide - NBC

To iPad or not to iPad: A tablet buyer's guide - NBC News
  • Coco of Summer

    Our family has a dozen apple products. We have never had any problems at all, and love them. We have many friends who have had non-apple tablets + are unhappy.

  • Azoncity

    Good shot...

  • Coco of Summer

    Sorry, based on all I know abt Apple and my experience and the exp. of many, I disagree 100% with Donna Blackenship's comments. Anyone who really knows Apple knows they do a LOT more than surf the web and rarely have problems. ;)

  • Donna Blankenship

    The screens are easily broken ask any tech how many they replace in a week? I didn't say Apple is a inferior company but their cases and screens are not up to their normal standards of quality .

  • Techpurge

    THE LATEST PINS on news, updates, reviews and trends in the world of technology, computers and mobile devices.

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Neptune Pine: Most Feature Packed Smartwatch Yet
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The Coolest iPhone 5 Voice Commands | Technology | Learnist

The Copenhagen Wheel turns your bike into a smart electric hybrid by replacing you back wheel; connects to your smartphone

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BrightNest | 2X4: Four Home Tech Items You’ll Love

BrightNest | 2X4: Four Home Tech Items You’ll Love

Technology // A truly portable keyboard. Tracks your finger's movements with optic technology.

Virtual Keyboard
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Turn your iPhone into a heart rate monitor

  • Dirk Thompson

    Korrine, this one measures your oxygen level (nice for people with COPD or asthma). The apps just check heart rate. There was also an app from Philips that used the camera to see breathing rate and pulse from movement and color changes in the face.

  • Rebecca Parmeley

    Any that take an EKG? Or can read out info from a pacer?

  • Steph Aranowitz

    If you just want a number, then buy this product. If you truly want accuracy, then go to your local ER. If you need yo check your sat at home, I would get something that is certified for in home use. This isn't.

  • Patricia Todd

    I agree with steph esp your BP reading vary great from dig to human

  • Rebecca Parmeley

    Thank you both

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This iPhone case will protect your phone in extreme conditions.

MentalKase Foam Case for iPhone Protects in Extreme Conditions
  • Joy Glynn

    They should make the inner case waterproof

  • Marielle Sarkan

    Lets be honest, if you walk around chicago like're asking to get robbed lol.

  • Patricia Todd

    but is there going to be any reception on top of mt everest?

Device Charges Your Phone With The Heat In Your Coffee

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Levitating computer mouse to relieve wrist strain

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Transparent iPad Concept

Is This Transparent iPad in Your Future?
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Charge 5 iPads at Once With Griffin's PowerDock 5
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Attention swimmers! Listen to your music underwater with the new underwater digital Walkman.

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Kiss your mouse and keyboard goodbye - Control your computer with the Leap motion sensor.

Kiss Your Keyboard and Mouse Goodbye With The Leap

Rode Ixy. Capturing high-quality audio with your iPhone or iPad without additional equipment is pretty much impossible. If you need to record crisp video voiceover, classic quotes from your buffoon of a boss, or even organize blackmail that will stand up to courtroom scrutiny, this 24-bit stereo microphone designed specifically for your iPhone & iPad is what you’ll want.

Rode Ixy at

Apple iWatch Design Concepts

Which One of These Concepts Is the Apple Smart Watch? [PICS]

WordPress Most Popular Plugins

WordPress Most Downloaded Plugin Infographics
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