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Some of the most popular Wedding Pins of 2013

A high five from the best man during the first kiss

  • Brenda Calecas

    Yes ma' am. Great shot beautiful couple , congratulations and good luck! Beautiful photo! Love it! Happy, happy, love,love! We all love seeing these great things to make us all very happy! That's why I enjoy viewing this site. Thanks for posting positive lovely things!

  • Sarah Moreland

    @Ivette Zaragoza One of the best poses I've seen

  • Abbygayle Allred

    I don't think its inappropriate at all. He is high fiving his friend because he got the girl! That's it!

  • Brenda Calecas

    I love this. Scott's statement has been removed by this website That was inappropriate certainly not this fantastic happy couple photo! It's fantastic! Happy for their moment! Read above a couple of lines, unfortunately you didn't see what Scott wrote. That's ok it was not nice. I adore this shot!

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white lace wedding dress

Bridal Gowns, Wedding Dresses by Jim Hjelm - Style jh8315
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Ruffle silver cake

Ruffle silver cake
  • Mary Bauer

    Is that edible?

  • Judith Marie

    Gold & chocolate would be my choice. I love the design. Maybe someday.

  • Meda Chapman

    Judith, you do know that you don't have to wait for a wedding - do a fabulous cake in whatever color you like for any occasion. Be adventurous as they say. Think out the box. smile.

  • Meda Chapman

    Mary, it surely is edible. You start with the lower level first. The top gets totally set aside for the first anniversary. You wrap it and freeze it for later.

  • Wedding Handkerchiefs Personalized

    ♥¸¸.•*´¯`♥ it ♥¸¸.•*´¯`♥

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Tarik Ediz dress

Tarik Ediz 92092
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Grandmas as flower girls

Have grandmas as flower girls!
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"Something Blue"- heart sewn into wedding dress made from dad's work shirts.

  • Sharon Mitchell

    Betsy, this just took my breath away!! Thank you for this inspiration. My husband passed away unexpectedly last year & my daughter (24) misses her daddy every minute of the day. On her wedding day, we know he will be with us,,but this added touch will bring him even just a little bit closer. This day is along way off, but you have just answered one of my prayers. Blessings to you, a thankful mom

  • Amy Nicole

    That is adorable!!!!!

  • Lisa Semler

    My Dad passed away in March and my daughter got married in June and she sewed one of his cloth hankies into her wedding dress that said my Grandad Jack with his birthday and the day he passed away 3 months before the wedding he was looking forward to of his first granddaughter to get married. It was lovely. I love the blue heart!

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Seasonal Guide to Wedding Flowers - good to know!

Bouquet Toss - Bride+Groom - January 2013 - Charlotte, NC
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Note to the bride and groom from the guests

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 839711
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