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Evening dress, c.1865. Culture: American Medium: silk, mother-of-pearl

Day dress, c.1855-1865, American, silk taffeta, machine lace.

Occupational photo - probably haymakers, 1850s. Woman in straw hat with veil and short-sleeved dress. (From The Story of a Seamstress: Early 1860s Print Dress)

C.1855-1865, American, 2-piece day dress of beige, green & maroon printed silk with a removable lace collar and undersleeves. Trimmed with garnet-type stone & gold metal buttons and soft green fringe.

Litchfield Ledger, 1850s dress owned by Jane M. Wadhams Stevens, hometown Goshen CT; moved to New Marlboro MA when married to Henry Ward Stevens in 1845.

Blue and black striped silk dress, 1850s. Charleston Museum

C.1865 light blue silk taffeta; two-piece bodice and skirt; worn over crinoline; chenille and fringe on bodice. This dress is a good example of the crinoline style when skirts reached their maximum volume with most of the volume of the skirt concentrated in the back. ©The Kyoto Costume Institute, from KCI.

Lilac-colored tamboured muslin day dress, Scottish (probably Glasgow), 1860s. The west of Scotland was renowned for tamboured muslins, which were produced by women and girls working from home. The cloth was stretched over a hoop (or tambour) and held in place by an outer hoop. The tambourer then held the hoop between her knee and her chin (or supported it on a pedestal) and, using a small hook, embroidered sprays of flowers onto the cloth using cotton thread.

Charleston, wool. Worn by Evaline Sarah Watkins Walton. Made by her daughter, Mary Louisa Walton Robertson; fan front bodice, full skirt with directional pleating. The V-neckline would be worn with a chemisette, probably white cotton. This style of dress was popular before and during the war, especially for older women & those in rural areas. Evaline married Robert Walton, grandson of George Walton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia. Died in 1868 at 72 in Georgia.

Dinner dress: c.1866-1870, American, silk taffeta, ruffle trim.