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Projects for Clothing

Altered t-shirt made by cutting a strip from another shirt and sewing it on in any design.

Altered T-shirts - Todays Creative Blog

transform a too-tight shirt

transform a too-tight shirt in my wardrobe? | Cutie WareDore

YES! I tried doing something like this before but it didn't quite work because I just made straight inserts instead of triangle. This looks like it'll work much better, and I like the contrasting fabrics. Hooray for rescuing favorite too-small shirts! (jm) -- meggipeg: Refashion two tight t-shirts into one flowing top

DIY old T-Shirt + lace... I wonder if my mum would give me her old curtain for this that she just doesn't want to throw out?

Don't tie a knot in that big tee, do this....easy and cute. and way better than a bulky knot

one square yard wrap tutorial: Easiest garment you could ever make yourself.

Beautiful handmade flower belts:) Love it- very inexpensive!! Would be fun to do this with bridesmaids and each one being a different color/flower (like shown)

T-shirt scarf with old t-shirt cut into squares

Put paper cut outs on the shirt, and spray the rest of the shirt lightly with bleach. When you remove the letters the name will stay darker. AWESOME!

Cute way to cut up t shirt- could be a vest too if you cut a slit down the middle