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Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

Ideas for chic on the cheap... furnish your consignment, resale or thrift shop with more style than $. From web host Kate Holmes of the Family of Sites for the Professional Resaler is adoring this paint solution, especially if you have one of those extra, back, side rooms in your consignment or resale shop that just needs little OOMPH. . Allowing the ceiling color to come down on the walls. And Kate says don't feel you need to be exact and repetitive... think the waves in the surf, not the mechanical exactitude of mall stores!

Swirley Wall Paint Idea

Dream of having your own resale or consignment shop? Or have one, and it's not yet "all you dream it can be"? The Beginner's Luck Package from Too Good to be Threw is your ticket to a great career! Too Good to be Threw Consignment Manual Special Deal

Turquoise and Pink (or any colors that rev your engine): great little sitting area for shopping companions in your consignment or resale shop, thinks! Love how it "rolls down" from the ceiling, punctuated by a chandelier!

House of Turquoise: Turquoise and Pink loves this recycled purse display for your consignment shop! Old dresser, string lights, recycled silk chiffon !

Consignment shop dressing rooms with word-of-mouth names... click to read more from the blog, AuntieKate.wordpr...

What do YOU call your dressing rooms?

What colors evoke what emotions... thinks consignment, resale, thrift shops could use colors to get their branding across to consumers! the science of colors in marketing: color guide

Mix up a wall with face-outs, straight rods, and shelving at various heights. So many merchandising possibilities for consignment and resale shops, says, The Premier Site for Professional Resalers.

Look closely, consignment and resale shopkeepers: a few face-out fixtures and shelves, and you have a wall-mounted swing shop!

Wouldn't THIS make a cute dressing room hanger/hook in your consignment shop? Paint the hangers to match your decor, decoupage them, whatever... great little touch to make your resale shop unique, says AuntieKate.wordpr...

$craft_title | manualidades | FOX Life

Would a chairful of flowers cause a little WOM at your consignment or resale shop? would love to see one of these on the sidewalk of your eco-friendly business!

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas (with pictures)

These mod hangers were very popular at one time... thinks it might be time to revive them for your consignment or resale displays. Who's got a jigsaw? I have the paint!

A dressing room/ fitting room/ change room your consignment and resale customers will love! Forgo those skimpy hooks, says, and instead, use a towel rod so there's plenty of room for her try-ons!

Need basically-free shelving or cubbies in your consignment shop's back room? Found by, these cardboard boxes are clipped together with binder clips. (well, this is actually a version you can buy from Greece, but I know you can use it for inspiration!!)

What a inspiration this mural is, says Too Good to be Threw, for one on the side of a consignment or resale shop! (Click through for more smiles... maybe the leopard pattern is more your style?)

The Top 5 Things People Do With Ladders And Step Ladders (PART5) loves this color scheme for a children's consignment or resale shop. Click for more on choosing colors for your shop

Perfect cartoon for our consignment shoe departments, huh? A find!

Christian Louboutin

Wondering if, for a eco-conscious resale/ consignment shop, this idea would work well: the clothespins could hold card-stock earring cards, thinks Too Good to be Threw. Peg board and twist ties! (click to see her fancy version with washi tape if you're not into the industrial look)

Does your consignment shop look so intriguing when customers first step in? hopes so! After all, you want to tempt but not overwhelm folks to start with. (Who knows what the vintage trunk under the entry table holds? Could be spare store supplies!)

WobiSobi: Boutiques In Blue Ridge.
  • alena mauer

    This looks like a store that I would definitely like to go to. I can usually tell if I will like a store based off of the decor. If they store isn't styled well it usually means there clothes won't be that good. Alena | http://www.platosclosetcary...

Lilly Pulitzer always has great dressing or fitting room decor. Here's it's her signature colors... but of course a consignment or resale shop could have ANY colors, thinks could even have a few blocks in chalkboard paint and add a temporary message like "Get it. You know you want it."

Paint Ideas from Lilly Pulitzer

Memorial Day Swing Shop Display for any sort of consignment or resale shop: flags, Americana, lanterns and watermelons to welcome the unofficial beginning of summer. But don't forget, says, that Memorial Day is to remember, honor, and thank those who served in the military.

Great way to take a shot of your consignment or resale "jewels" for your social media, says consignment consultant Kate Holmes. Learn more about the industry at

Romancing the Bling: I've been creating lot's of "BLING"...

Take a look at how this children's vintage shop owner took a 319 sq ft shop and turned it into a bon-bon! says lots of visual lessons here for consignment and resale shopkeepers!

  • Vena Holden

    Interesting - Looks like a fun place to shop. Love the chairs on the wall!

This would make such a classy consignment shop entry, resale shop dressing room, thinks. Notice that the side table is a simple shelf... with painted-on-the-wall legs!