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Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

Ideas for chic on the cheap... furnish your consignment, resale or thrift shop with more style than $. From web host Kate Holmes of the Family of Sites for the Professional Resaler

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Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

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If you need a wall of shelving in your consignment shop, and have a handy-dandy carpenter volunteer... why not make those shelves INTERESTING? looks these not just for the look, but the function: shelves for consigned goodies of all sizes!

The Modern Pantry in London: Remodelista

Good tutorial for ombre. These would make great window display curtains, or, in opaque fabric, dressing room curtains in your consignment shop, says AuntieKate.wordpr... Note: "if you dip them in a little further , then pull them back out a little, gravity will help create a gradual ombre effect.."

nostalgiecat: DIY ombre lace curtains

If your consignment shop has a whole wall of jewelry for customers to choose from, thinks having a pile of (store-brand-colors) painted baskets for them to collect up their favorites is a REALLY GOOD IDEA

Auntie Kate.wordpress. com thinks this would be a fun promotional poster in your shop! Near the dress rack, entitled "What do you want to say? Pick a dress in that color!" Or put it by your throw pillows/ knick-knacks area: "Is your den physical or your office intellectual? Accessorize to inspire!"

Spectacular consignment shop in AZ: her son designed + built the cases out of recycled wood from a local school & AZ copper... the turquoise hangers and star are store branding... and the displays framed on the wall: gorgeous! Too Good to be Threw declares this to be "a consignment shop that wows its clientele!"

Logo on the back wall behind cash wrap: very important, says Auntie Kate of the consignment and resale business. Never overlook an opportunity to brand your shop!

Lovely way to mix consignment or resale clothing & furniture & decor. I'd love to do this where I volunteer, but they just don't get it... For more on walls, see auntiekate.wordpr...

Världens bästa Vintagefabrik! - Isabelle Pedersen
  • Jenni Pagano

    Glad you like it Paulette! I do too! I tried it in a thrift store and it didn't work for us. Maybe in one that has lots of committed certainly does upscale the experience, but the shoppers have to be ready for it. They have to be willing to shop all departments for their treasures.

  • paulette baker

    Thanks Jenni.

  • Carey Ryan

    I love this.

  • Tami Russell

    I totally love this set up ♡

  • Rainey's Resale

    I love the set-up but it may be harder to find items you need. The store would have to commit to keeping this look when restocking.

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The peepholes in a hoarding at a construction site are easily "reproducible" if you're covering your windows at your consignment shop for remodeling. Too Good to be Threw thinks peepholes at various levels, labeled "Fashionista", "Savvy Girl", "Smart Shopper", etc would be a great way to get the message across as to who all the hullabaloo is for! Sidewalk superintendents

TBT – Sidewalk Superintendents | First Bank Richmond

For the consignment or resale shops whose branding includes a bit of sass, The Premier Site for Professional Resalers offers this idea! Great way to draw attention to a new/ expanding space you're working on. Tell 'em NOT to look, thereby tempting them to! EVERYONE loves to be in on the "secret"... that you're remodeling, expanding, opening... Please do not look

Loving this paper-bag-made-into-buildings window covering if your under-construction consignment or resale shop is "in the city"... shopping bags and boxes, or use plain brown bags flat ( thinks it would be super cute to add a "construction crane" inserting a drawn store-front of your coming storefront!)

Pillar Box Post

Another fun way if you want to cover windows as you're working on your consignment or resale shop build-out found by AuntieKate.wordpr... : why NOT rolls of gift wrap? These fit into the window structure, but you could criss-cross on one-pane show windows.

If you feel the need to cover your consignment or resale shop windows as you're getting ready or remodeling, don;t just COVER them... use them! Here's one idea from Too Good to be Threw "hello" is a great way to "introduce" yourself to your new community (and tease folks to keep watching! )

Another way to use your consignment or resale shop walls to go with auntiekate.wordpr... ...

Ekovaruhuset Eco-Fashion Boutique Opens in Paris!

Part of your consignment or thrift shop decor is your written material. would love to see you make up some thank-you notes with this message and your logo... then use 5-10 of them a week to send to customers! is adoring this paint solution, especially if you have one of those extra, back, side rooms in your consignment or resale shop that just needs little OOMPH. . Allowing the ceiling color to come down on the walls. And Kate says don't feel you need to be exact and repetitive... think the waves in the surf, not the mechanical exactitude of mall stores!

Swirley Wall Paint Idea

Dream of having your own resale or consignment shop? Or have one, and it's not yet "all you dream it can be"? The Beginner's Luck Package from Too Good to be Threw is your ticket to a great career! Too Good to be Threw Consignment Manual Special Deal

6 Dress Forms / Mannequin Decor Wall Decal: these are only 23 inches tall, but would be cute in your consignment shop dressing rooms, thinks

Turquoise and Pink (or any colors that rev your engine): great little sitting area for shopping companions in your consignment or resale shop, thinks! Love how it "rolls down" from the ceiling, punctuated by a chandelier!

House of Turquoise: Turquoise and Pink loves this recycled purse display for your consignment shop! Old dresser, string lights, recycled silk chiffon !

Consignment shop dressing rooms with word-of-mouth names... click to read more from the blog, AuntieKate.wordpr...

What do YOU call your dressing rooms?

What colors evoke what emotions... thinks consignment, resale, thrift shops could use colors to get their branding across to consumers! the science of colors in marketing: color guide

Mix up a wall with face-outs, straight rods, and shelving at various heights. So many merchandising possibilities for consignment and resale shops, says, The Premier Site for Professional Resalers.

Mixing up a wall with shelves and even drawers... very boutique-feel, thinks

Look closely, consignment and resale shopkeepers: a few face-out fixtures and shelves, and you have a wall-mounted swing shop!

Wouldn't THIS make a cute dressing room hanger/hook in your consignment shop? Paint the hangers to match your decor, decoupage them, whatever... great little touch to make your resale shop unique, says AuntieKate.wordpr...

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