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Tips 4 thrift, resale, consignment shops

Random resources to help secondhand merchants make their shops all they dream they can be! As recommended, researched, or just plain found by Kate Holmes, Resale Guru

Donation Etiquette: An example to inspire you, from a non-profit thrift. Click through to AuntieKate.wordpr... to see why this is a great example for all shops, consignment and buy-outright included.

So next time your consignment or resale shop is stressing you out, think PASSIONPASSIONPASSION! A public service announcement from Too Good to be Threw, the Premier Site for Professional Resalers :-)

Another for your staff education manual in your consignment or resale shop! 5 Clothing “Fit Tricks” Every Guy Should Know (via @Dappered)

5 Clothing “Fit Tricks” Every Guy Should Know – Illustrated

Don't you love free printables? Here. a 2015 planner perfect for your consignment, resale or thrift, found by, The Premier Site for Professional Resalers

free planner and calendar + more {2015} | the handmade home

Child's chalkboard easel as signage (painting it red and adding silk flowers are a great idea). Notice that the sign gives a WIIFM message (see )

Closet Revival in West Plano TX created this excellent shop video. Too Good to be Threw draws on some expert advice on how consignment, resale and thrift shops can produce a promotional video with all the right stuff, at

ASK for what you want! Motivate your consignment, resale & thrift shoppers, says AuntieKate.wordpr...

Ask for what you want.

How much spilling would this save, says ? Keeping pins and paper clips handy (and pretty!) at your consignment, resale or thrift sales/ intake counter! Glue magnets to the bottom of a thrift store dish and use as a pin holder or a paper clip holder.

Diy Magnetic Pin Plate | The Mother Huddle

The absolute, bar-none, way to succeed in resale and consignment. Best advice from Too Good to be Threw, the Premier Site for Professional Resalers

A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it. Words of wisdom that could have been written especially for consignment, resale and thrift shopkeepers, says

For years, Kate of has written a monthly column for the resale industry’s members-only newsletter. Now, she’s gathered 14 of the most profit-driven columns into a collection. An excellent business reference, and perfect for staff reading as well.

Consignment dressing room hooks, from, The Premier Site for Professional Resalers

Chuck Your Social Media Strategy: A great read for ALL consignment, resale and thrift shops, found by

Chuck Your Social Media Strategy - Or Start Doing These 3 Things

Even if your consignment, thrift or resale shop doesn't carry guy stuff, you DO have Father's Day gift possibilities

Wouldn't this be a cute POP or giveaway in your consignment shop? Maybe as a gift certificate holder? thinks so! BlueQ I Need To Buy Something Coin Purse

BlueQ I Need To Buy Something Coin Purse

Another great shoe department sign for consignment, resale, or thrift shops. Heck, says, even "regular" stores might have customers who smile at this ;)

When does privacy hurt your consignment or resale shop? A blog post from Auntie Kate of Too Good to be Threw

When does privacy hurt your consignment shop?

Your swing shop in your foyer doesn't need to be elaborate... it just needs to set the mood for what you want to sell today in your consignment, resale, thrift shop. says this example is from a Free People store, but doesn't need their big budget to do!

summer store displays! - Free People Blog

Imagine those frames with cork tiles: pinning a necklace, or adding a plexiglass shelf for a purse or shoes... filling a few of them with clever quotes... SUCH a chic shop, thinks

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Remember when we thought about creating cut-offs from old jens? Have you displayed yours like this, asks, The Premier Site for Professional Resalers: shower curtain rings to hang shorts.

7 Genius Ways to Organize Your Closet and Drawers

The perfect photo for your web site. Click to read why Auntie Kate of Too Good to be Threw thinks so (that's Janet Hamilton accepting a donation for Journey Home, her thrift shop benefiting hospice care, as snapped by a reporter)

Using Clothespins to teach your consignment, resale and thrift staffers how to price incoming goods, a tip from (with a tip of the apron strings to who made this great apron!)

What I didn't get to say in "The Price is Right... or is it?"

I KNEW there was a reason to keep vodka handy in your consignment, resale, thrift store. (Seriously, Too Good to be Threw thinks these Fashion Hacks might prove handy to AuntieKate.wordpr... followers!)

26 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Having a booth? Ideas here: the assymetrical cloths, garland, ornate frame for the most important thing (AKA your logo!) and lots of pix of your consignment or resale shop, including of course, what it looks like as they come hinting for it! is full of such ideas and tips!

Creative DIY art show display ideas