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Don't forget this old trick for adding a POP of light to your consignment shop window displays, says A little "extra" light in your display is always an eye-catcher... Recycled water cooler jug!

Construction paper streamers that your 8-year-olds can make for a festive window in your consignment, resale, thrift shop. is all for involving your kids, your grandkids, stray short ones in the biz. Maybe they'll grow up to be an Auntie Kate!

Zig Zag Accordion Streamers DIY

How about a nice CAMPING window for your consignment or resale shop display? DIY Flameless Fire Pit tutorial here, but would cut the work with gold- and silver-sprayed twigs for this....

DIY Flameless Fire Pit - Free People Blog

I'm thinking, said in one of her whimsical moods, that this could be a spectacular window display piece for your consignment or resale shop.

These are actually decals, but good design inspiration if you're painting your consignment or resale windows. Don't want lights? Try hangers! This makes your display windows a word-of-mouth treat, but doesn't obscure your merchandise displays.

I liked this design on #Fab. Lights & Stars Wall Decal White

Simple and effective SALE display window for consignment, resale, thrift... or any shop! also suggests if you sell home goods, prop S A L E signage on chairs in a row. Dining, kitchen, Hans Wegner...

Pool noodles become giant lollipops (or suckers, depending on your location!). Found by, at The Treehouse in Bancroft ON Canada....

Got the nerve to hang your mannequins upside down? wonders Auntie Kate. After all, resale and consignment turn shopping for new clothes upside down, right?

Love this way of focusing on one spectacular consignment, resale or thrift shop piece. says that a customer probably has a set of sheers she's not using... easily set up, easily stored when not in use. Perfect!

Maison Decor: Maison Decor Retail Locations

Line up 4 dress forms dressed in muted tones, give them each a craft-store letter to hold, and there's your clearance sale window! would have chosen a bright color for the letters to attract more attention, though.

Having a seasonal clearance sale? Get T's for your helpers, and order some extras for your window display! thinks the added circular signage makes this window wonderful!

At sale time, make sure passers-by are in no doubt with these giant letters! 3-D, or wide bright tape on your window glass, or a mix, says this will get them in!

The Window Display Blog

Grab the most vintage T.V. you can find, install lighting, and make a window display for smalls! Then get a GREAT big banner for your consignment, resale or thrift shop that says ***As Seen on TV** would smile at this!

More window painting ideas: even could do this one! more on how to paint windows: auntiekate.wordpr...

Now THIS is a shop I'd definitely go into! Too Good to be Threw especially loves the shop hours note in the lower right (and all the swirly-ques, of course!) -- a tip

The simplest vintage window display if you have non-retail windows, am I right? Just be sure, says,. to switch out vintage garments often to prevent sun damage.

Eye For Design: Fun, Unique, and Inexpensive Window Treatments

Grass carpeting, a picnic basket, a dress form and some silk flowers strewn about ism says, one simple and fresh window for a consignment or resale shop all summer long!

Want polka dots in your consignment or resale shop window? (What sane shopkeeper wouldn't, thinks AuntieKate.wordpr... ?) These are disposable picnic plates, hole-punched and hung up!

Dare you do an entire window display around a poster like this? (Remember, FedX Office aka Kinko's will make giant prints for you to turn into a sign for your window, says ) If you're not brave enough to fill an entire display with jewelry... change your sign to "and wear pretty [whatevers]" or even "and sit down on comfy chairs" ;)

Like this summertime window, says, the Premier Site for Professional Resalers: covering wreaths from a craft store with bright colors, add cording.

This was developed as a photo background... but how about applying it to the inside of your consignment window display to show "Colors of the Sea" merchandise? Crepe paper, paper for bubbles... and I'd do starfish 'cause they're flat and 'cause your window will be the STAR of your town! especially likes the "picket fence" detailing on this children's consignment store entry... so entering is like going thru a gate. Lots of variations on this idea could be possible!

Ever have this thought go through your brain when you're looking for somewhere you've never been before, asks ? Maybe your web site needs this one crucial ingredient.

Cute window display from Labels Consignment. says it's the lighting that takes this display from "cute" to KaZam!"

Photo Gallery | Labels Consignment