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Audry Hepburn - beautiful portrait

Image by Sarah Gawler Photography. - A Pre Raphaelite Inspired Wedding At Preston Court With A John Zimmerman Bespoke Dress And Bridesmaids In Vintage Nightgowns By Sarah Gawler Photography.

Better Than Panda Homemade Orange Chicken. Oh my, I MUST try this sometime soon and relieve my cravings for asian food! haha :)

creeks and dry creek beds look so cute in a front yard - these are a great idea for under a downspout. That way it fills up once in a while

DIY Water Fountain Ideas & Tutorials!

  • Bonnie Brown

    So true Victoria and Maryann!!!

  • Lydian Major

    "if animals could talk, humans would cry." wow..., Maryann! I will be quoting you in the future

  • redmusze

    "If animals could talk, humans would cry." ... powerful statement!!!

  • Denise Brislin

    I agree. Humans are terrible caregivers of our earth and it's creatures but maybe, just maybe, this was a magical moment. That little girl will remember this moment for the rest of her life. And it may be the beginning of wondrous changes. And who said animals can't talk, maybe we should listen with better ears!!!!

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"If your relationship needs to be a secret, then you shouldn't be in that relationship"