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Portrait of Maria in B - a Black-and-white-portrait by Bahman Farzad, via Flickr

This is a pencil drawing, not a http://photo!……..MY GOODNESS, I THOUGHT IT WAS A PHOTO ALSO……..SUCH DETAIL……TRULY SUPURB………….ccp

Early Morning Riser~Cindy Long's earliest memories are of holding a pencil in her hand, spending hour after hour drawing on any surface available. Educated and employed in commercial graphic design for a number of years,... that of drawing people, specifically cowboys, cowgirls, and people of the West. Her sensitive portraits depict these individuals' strong presence and demeanor.

ared leto Sachsen, Germany based artist Anne Teubert is talented in pencil art who draws realistic portraits and figures of celebrities and people with rich emotions.

Paul Cadden’s work is astoundingly realistic. The detail, the shading, the long hours spent creating the large pencil drawings which emulate black and white photographs is just awe inspiring. Take a look at some of the challenging subjects Mr. Cadden decided to draw

Paul Cadden is a Scottish hyper-realist artist who creates incredibly realistic artworks using only graphite and chalk. His drawings and paintings are made based upon series of photographs or video stills, but the subject depicted is much more complex, creating "the illusion of a new reality not seen in the original photo".

“Graphite realism” is the best term to describe Armin Mersmann‘s artwork. His drawings look very similar to photographs.

another amazing pencil drawing

Man pencil drawing by DiegoKoi

PENCIL drawings by Franco Clun. Seriously. PENCIL. This guy is crazy good

6 Inspired Pencil Drawing Artists