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Washi Tape Storage Idea: Ribbon Carousel

Add to your gadgets and gizmos collection when The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition comes to Blu-ray Combo Pack and HD Digital 10/1!

If you're a disney fan, this should be Hilarious!

  • Michelle Kramer

    OMG!!! I can't stop laughing. This had to be done on purpose.

  • Jami Smith

    Hahahaha. Ahhhhahahaha. That is seriously awesome. And echo it had to be done on purpose.

  • Lacee Gomel

    It was a running joke, a lot of stores did it on the Monsters Lofthouse cookies and other products. Poor Mike ;)

  • Princess Eilonwy

    This is best! ! I am simply dieing !!!

Thundershirt™ Anxiety Treatment Shirts provide a drug-free solution for fear of thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, barking and more.

  • Bed Bath & Beyond

    That's great to hear, Cortney. So happy Sadie likes her Thundershirt :) - Danielle

  • Terri Beck

    My Merlin hates thunder loves his thundercoat. Just gives him an extra little hug. We call it his hug coat.

  • Maria Kriszt

    I should try this cause my puppy goes crazy when we are not around

  • Diane G

    It also helps if you have a pup that gets carsick

  • Bed Bath & Beyond

    That's great, Diane. Glad this item was able to help your pup!! :) - Danielle

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Sometimes all you need is a little peace and quiet. #WinnieThePooh