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Learning Centers & Stations

Good activities for learning centers and for play station centers.

Easily teach your students all the abbreviations used in our everyday life. You can create multiple file folders or put them all in one. Students...


I have created this folder game to give students an opportunity to practice and increase their use of abbreviations. This lessons has been created ...

Abbreviations All Around Us Station Folder Game for Daily Five

This is a folder game template which can be printed and put into a manila folder for use by students of many levels. This is especially good for s...

Directions Folder Game

Autumn Equivalent Fractions File Folder Game is aligned with Common Core Math Standards. (CCSS 3.NF.3a) Students will find the equivalent fractio...

Autumn Equivalent Fractions File Folder Game

Students love to play Footloose! Area and Perimeter Footloose includes 30 question cards about area and perimeter of rectangles (the cards are avai...

Area and Perimeter Footloose

The Primary Gal: I Heart Math Centers {I Can Math Games}

The Primary Gal: I Heart Math Centers {I Can Math Games}

Free!!! Use every week!! Weekly Word Wizard to work on vocab & essential skills!!!! 3 pages!

FREE Word Wizard Language Arts Printables

This is a page of commonly used idioms and what they mean. It can be used as a poster or as a matching game.Examples:Out Of The Blue- Somethin...

Idiom Matching Game

Each student comes up and picks a stick out of my hand; they have to place the word in the right cup. Then, after all sticks have been sorted, students can choose one stick from each cup and create a sentence using all three words. A great informal assessment!

The kids liked this game!  They each come up and...

Grammatical Name Art - 1: Write name in bubble letters. 2: First letter write nouns that relate to you (common or proper nouns). 3: Second letter with verbs that relate to you (action or linking verbs). 4: Third letter with adjectives that describe you. Remaining lettersStudents can choose to write more nouns, verbs, or adjectives. Love this for a grammar review at the beginning of the year!

I Want to be a Super Teacher: Grammatical Name Art

Here's an easy way for students to practice their spelling words. Have them draw a big scribble on their page - remind them to leave big spaces in their scribble! Using coloured pencils, they can then fill the spaces with their words.

FREE Dictionary Search- (Use in writing station, morning work, grammar lessons, etc.)

Dictionary Skills Search FREEBIE!

Sugar and Spice: A Glimpse Into My Math Workshop & Freebie Game!!

Miss DeCarbo: A Glimpse Into My Math Workshop & Freebie Game!!


Fall Math Centers 3rd and 4th Grade

Matching game for equivalent fractions, including mixed numbers and improper fractions. Great for small groups, re-teach, and math centers or stations. I used it for test-prep as we prepared for 5th grade STAAR math!