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So cool!! Make your own Sand Clay - Create, Bake Keep your own handmade keepsakes!

Sand Clay Recipe - Create, Bake & Keep!

Paper Airplane Target practice -- yes!!

Sewing Mama RaeAnna: Paper Airplane Party

Can you build a boat that will float and hold weight? GREAT STEM activity!

Teachers Are Terrific!: What is Going on in the Lab?

Activities, Ideas, Travel, Movies and Technology for Kids - All for the Boys - (WATER FUN) CUP RACES!

DIY Slurpees -This is the coolest way to make slurpees! The kids will love it!

DIY Slurpees - Clean and Scentsible

Tween boys (age 9-12ish) can be a tough group to please. This post is FULL of ideas that kids this age might like to do - great ways to get beyond the screens and get active and busy!

20+ Unplugged Activities for Tween Age Boys - Frugal Fun For Boys

Make super fast sorbet in seconds with two Ziploc® bags. Pour fruit puree in one bag, seal it, and shake it in another bag with ice and salt.

Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY - Flax & Twine

Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY - Flax & Twine

I know you think you have seen every list for Outdoor Summer Fun and so did we. Until... we saw this list! WOW!! Some new and amazing ideas we haven't seen yet to keep kids busy this summer. Worth a look for the links alone! 30 out of the box ideas (and awesome links to support you in doing them.)

Paracordist How To tie the Jug Knot for a sling to carry a water bottle ...

How to Tie a Jug Knot (on a waterbottle)

Carry any Bottle with a JUG KNOT Handle

Carry any Bottle with a JUG KNOT Handle

The bottle sling knot has been around for centuries. This ancient method of forming a sling for the neck of a jug or bottle this knot was described in detail by the Greek physician Heraklas in his first century book on surgical knots and slings. With a little practice you’ll be able to master this interesting, useful knot.

Bottle Sling Knot Infographic -

Simple Pink & Zebra Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder - I've wanted a water bottle holder for RFL that clips and I think I can adjust this to work!

Craft: Water Bottle Holder | Crafts | Spoonful

Scarf Water Bottle Holder. Sewww much cuter than a sock.

How to build a simple wood water balloon launcher - this is SO fun!

How to Build a Water Balloon Launcher - Frugal Fun For Boys

Gorgeous shimmery crystallizing paints that you can make with items found in a grocery store. A new paint recipe from Fun at Home with Kids...

Homemade Paint Recipe: Crystallizing Watercolors