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Heart shaped cinnamon rolls. How cute would these be for Valentines or an anniversary breakfast. #recipes

put cupcakes in dollar store champagne flutes. Fill the bottom with candy for a fun party treat!

Freeze flowers or greens in Bundt pan or bucket with insert. Put flameless candle in center.

16 Party Bar Ideas (i've experienced 7 of the 16): GREAT IDEAS -cookie bar -Mashed potato bar -smores bar -root beer float bar -hot chocolate bar -cupcake bar -all white candy bar -colorful candy bar -oatmeal bar -cereal bar -trail mix bar -pasta bar -nacho bar -pizza bar -yogurt bar -baked potato bar

Hello, genius. Pre-scooped servings of ice cream, spoons added, rolled in toppings and refrozen. Huge b-day party time-saver.

To get balloon to hang upside down... put a marble in the balloon before you blow it up.

Flower Birthday Balloons- got to remember this one for future birthday parties! Easy, cheap yet cute decor!