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The 13 Colonies printable page ... I think my High School Students might like this - at least to get an idea of what the map looked like at the time ... Question is - Should I make them color it as if they were Elementary Students?!?! LOL ...

Catholic Textbook Project

Catholic Textbook Project: Only a Few Weeks Left!

Discover America through postcards {a fantastic resource for US 50 states units}

Postcards From America 50 State Travel Adventure

Notebooking Through the States is an impressive collection of free research-driven, ready-to-use student notebook pages.

Notebooking Through the States

State project: Can be completed with current event in that state on topic related to what we are discussing in class.

educationjourney: Great Explorations

when teaching early American colonists, make gruel for the kids to try; "To explore what it was like to live in the Jamestown Colony we ate gruel for breakfast. It is pretty much flavored water. We learned that the colonists in early Jamestown were mainly ‘gentlemen’ and they didn’t want to plant crops or work. Many starved. The only food they had to eat was what they could grow in their garden or hunt."

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Early Settlers #1 – Jamestown

printable book of centuries page- BC vs AD- Jesus at the center of our calendar

Printable Book Of Centuries- How To Make It, And How To Use It

Patriotic Songs and Sayings - Beginner Copywork (from Classical Copywork)

motions to learn the Original 13 Colonies

Revolutionary War Activities for Kids: Patriotic Copywork from Founding Fathers. Handwriting practice worksheets.

Cursive Handwriting Worksheets

Sola Gratia Mom: Map Drawing - Next Phase - Outline Map

Solagratiamom: Map Drawing - Next Phase - Outline Map

1. Visit state. 2. Take pictures in said state. 3. Cut them out in the shape of said state, and adhere to map.

Twitter / YourPinterest: Take a picture and cut it out ...