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Show not Tells! I love this idea!

Miss Radka's Rhapsody: Show not Tells!

Very clever idea for conjunctions. Great way to make compound and complex sentences

Conjunction . . . junction

Perfect advice for a graduate student. It's a long road, don't let perfectionism keep you from excellence!

Make for writing difficulties--compound sentence rules, punctuation......Use a flip book to help kiddos keep track of writing and grammar basics {punctuation rules, capitalization rules, synonyms/antonyms, parts of speech, etc.}

Ms. Lilypad's Littles: Language Arts Flip Books

Narrative writing- explode a moment

5th grade writing partners! Partner up students and help them with ways to respond to their writing. This is great because the better the feedback is for a writer the better their final piece will be. This is a great way to teach how to give corrective feedback.

Writing Process Posters Freebie

Writing Process Posters Freebie

One Fab Teacher: If You Don't Know, You Oughta Know! Personal Narrative Anchor Chart

One Fab Teacher: If You Don't Know, You Oughta Know! #JulyStyle


YoungTeacherLove: Writing seed vs. watermelon stories for personal narratives FREE poster!!!!

Young Teacher Love: Writing Workshop JACKPOT and FREEBIE!!

Illustrating our writing - Spotted in First Grade: Writing in My Classroom

Spotted in First Grade: Writing in My Classroom

Love this idea! The Writing Nook uses beanie baby characters to introduce writing strategies, such as Fixin' Fox and Wow Word Worm.

Welcome to Miss Lak's 2nd Grade

Informative Writing Unit CCSS Aligned Grades 3-5 Anchor charts, graphic organizer, rubrics

Informative/Explanatory Writing CCSS Grades 3-5

Revising written work with ARMS. Love this, so effective. We used to use this acronym at Sylvan to teach revising writing assignments. For editing, remember COPSS (capitalization, organization, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling).

I would use this in the classroom as a fun and interactive tool in terms of writing. It reminds students about what good writing looks like, and looks appealing in the classroom. writer's workshop bulletin boards - Google Search

Writing bulletin board. Cute!!

quotation anchor chart

Compound sentence anchor chart

Launching Writer's Workshop and Personal Narrative Unit. This 22 page unit includes minilessons, materials, posters, parent letter, anchor charts, graphic organizers, teacher-modeled writing example, final copy paper, and a going through the writing process sheet for the personal narrative. $

Free Personal Narrative Prompts for Beginning the Year

Personal Narrative Prompts for Beginning the Year