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Dance Dance Dance - The Beach Boys - I have always loved harmonies, and nobody did/does it better than The Beach Boys. This song captures the glorious early '60's vibe of school, music and surf in California. A great record that still stands up today. I really wish that I get to see them this year on their 50th anniversary tour.

"Bye,Bye,Love!.....Great music of the 50's and 60's...The Everly Brothers

I always tell people, you can make fun of all my music EXCEPT no one disrespects John Denver or Fleetwood Mac in front of me. Them's fighting words! I am a product of the 70's after all, and was raised with John on the radio. I even have specific instructions that if I die, a certain track on my four-disc ultimate collection will be played at my funeral. Before The Chieftains at my wake!

An audio comic book/musical from Archie Comics on Tifton Records with book, music and lyrics by Bean Clayton and Raol Alland   “Idol-ness in Riverdale” (no date on the record – early 70′s?)

While growing up in the 60's and 70's....8 track tapes were the latest and greatest source for music!

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising. The 60's & 70's had some of the best music ever!!!

Remember these in the grocery stores? Rain Bonnets

This was the way we used to get our info on our fave stars!

Remember those adorable little Dawn dolls and her friends? I had the best time playing with those and putting on beauty pagents with them.