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Use fast food boxes to make a giant keyboard for the tech lab. | 36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

Free Printable Alphabet Soup Activity #preschool #kindergarten

Magnetic Letter Alphabet Soup Activity | Pre-K Pages

Place the letters into the mixing bowl and have the students help you stir the alphabet soup. Each student then gets a turn the dip a letter or letters into their soup bowls. After they dip they identify the letters, letter sounds or both

"b" and "d"` letter reversal help: Little a is in little d. Use corrugated paper for kinaesthetic learners to teach that "a" and "d" begin with a bumpy, circular stroke. "B", on the other hand, begins with a smooth, downward stroke.

Fine Motor Skills Wheels & Volvelle Tutorial- Fine Motor Fridays - LalyMom

Handwriting Lesson: Improving Posture & Paper Skills - has video tutorials

So simple!! Cutting board into a letter rubbing board for letter recognition.

Sort: Letter, Word or Sentence?

Growing Firsties: Common Core Crunch - September & A Freebie

Google "Keyboard Template" and print on colored paper, laminate and you've got Word Work for a day!-would be good for spelling practice before keyboarding is introduced to help kids become familiar with where the letters are

downloadable artwork letters for your kids to color - print their names...

Capital letter on white spoon - Lower case letter on clear spoon - match them up

From Kindergarten With Love: Made It Monday :) Alphabet Spoons

A free handwriting printable for rainbow writing- it encourages kinesthetic awareness and memory, which is required for good handwriting.

Printable Baseball Alphabet Letters Baseball Alphabet Letter Set A-Z – Craft Jr.