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6 Pack Bags

Organize, pack, and take your meals on the go with our variety of 6 Pack Bags. Check out our products and take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Do you hear that? It's the sound of your 'excuses' screaming in terror. The 2014 Expert Collection: Meals, fitness, life, work, in the office, at the gym, running an errand, running a marathon... We've got your bag. We might even give away one of these later today...

6 Pack Fitness | Six Pack Bags | Meal Management System

Who's ready to #leadthepack with Dana Linn Bailey and the 2014 Pursuit backpack?!

6 Pack Fitness | Six Pack Bags | Meal Management System

The Varsity Duffle is long on function and short on excuses. Meal, gear, uniform, shoes, shaker bottle, water bottle, keys, gloves, wraps, wallet, phone... YOUR FITNESS LIFE. It's all there. Pre Order now at

6 Pack Fitness | Six Pack Bags | Meal Management System

We named it the Innovator because we think outside the box when it comes to meal management. How are you an innovator?

I'll go ahead and say it...the stairmaster deserves more love than it usually gets. Where are you, stairmaster masters?!

What else would the Voyager Backpack be saying to the Innovator 500? #bagasaperson

The Elite Executive Briefcase 500. Features include storage for 5 meals plus nutritional supplements, fleece-lined laptop/tablet pocket, portable work station for organizing commute accessories, and roomy main compartment for gym clothes. Get it now at And STAY TUNED...possibly there's a SMALLER EXECUTIVE on the verge of dropping?!

The Voyager 500 Backpack. Find out what elite feels like. Get it now at

THE EXECUTIVE 300 BRIEFCASE. 3 meals, laptop, gym clothes, portable work station. Smart and sexy for $189.99. DROPPED NOW at

Hot Pink 300 Innovator

6 Pack Fitness | Six Pack Bags | Meal Management System

What's the the best compliment you've ever gotten about your 6 Pack? #executive500 #travelfit #professionalbadass

A big 6PF shout-out to everyone we met at Surf Expo this weekend! We had a blast in Orlando, and now we want to know...6 Pack Beach People, where you at?!?! Holler if you rock a 6 Pack at the beach! #beach #travelfit #surfexpo

6PF Elite Team Athletes Dana Linn Bailey and Mimi Kong at Olympia 2013. DLB won the inaugural Women’s Physique Showdown, and newbie competitor Mimi enjoyed her second trip to the Olympia! #tbt #olympia2013 #mealmanagement

The original #mealmanagement bag. It's not an illusion. It really is that awesome. Give a LIKE if you agree!

For everyone who loves pink, but doesn't want to admit it. Limited Edition Innovator 300, black exterior/hot pink interior, AVAILABLE NOW at!

6 Pack Fitness | Six Pack Bags | Meal Management System
  • Victoria Boyd

    Are these going to be available again and will the pink containers ever be sold separately?

  • Lindsey Ann

    I'd like to buy this one. Is there any way I can be informed when they're available again?

A new kind of nutritional pyramid. Spectacular views included. Which color would YOU carry?

Having a tough time finishing that superset? Think of every rep as another opportunity for her to "casually" walk by...again.

DLB and Rob Bailey. And people say golf is boring... #dlb #travelfit