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Patti Playpal, My Old Friend

Master Collector ONLINE Patty Playpal

Master Collector ONLINE Patty Playpal

White Baby Doll Smocked Dress for Patti Playpal Doll

White embroidered eyelet with scalloped edges with red 4 Patti Playpal by Karen

Doll Stand for Large Dolls up to 36" Tall - FREE Shipping

Doll Stand for Large Dolls up to 36" Tall - FREE Shipping
  • Joanne Allen

    My cousin Linda had the "pretty" one just like this....I was jealous because mine had short curly hair that I didn't think was as pretty!

35" Patti Play Pal Professionally made Plaid Dressed very nice

1960's Baby Face Patti Play Pal Walking Doll -35 inches tall- Cutie!!

VINTAGE "CURLY HAIR" IDEAL PATTI PLAYPAL ALL ORIGINAL AND EXCELLENT (this is the dress I need to find for my doll)

Pink and tan plaid cotton jumper dress for Patti Playpal by Karen

Turquoise flowered cotton jumper dress for Patti Playpal by Karen on Ebay

Vintage Patti Sue PlayPal Canadian Orig clothes Rare Wavy Netted Brunette Click to view larger image Zoom InZoom Out Sell one like this Vintage Patti Sue PlayPal Canadian Orig clothes Rare Wavy Netted Brunette #SYLink

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Patti Play Pal Child-sized "Companion Dolls" were all the rage in the early 1960s. For all of us who did not have any sisters, this was the next best thing! There were slight deviations in size but the majority stood at 36", about the size of a three year old child. The popularity of these dolls started with the beautiful Ideal Patti Play Pal (also seen it as Playpal). Soon other companies started to get into the market as they saw the explosion in popularity of this new life-sized doll.

Patti Playpal Vintage by His Delight, via Flickr

Vintage Patti Playpal in red dress. The little one, I believe, is Saucy Walker, but I could be wrong. She doesn't look like Penny Playpal, the baby sister. Yes, I know my Patties!..www.fli...

patti playpal doll - Yahoo Image Search Results
  • Deanna Dowell

    Yep! It is a Saucy Walker...just different than mine!

  • Melissa Barr Campbell

    Thank you Deanna!

  • Margarita F.

    This makes me cry. I had one, with red hair. I named her "Ginger." My only favorite doll/ toy. I got married, and since we were military I moved out of state. My mom thought I wouldn't have any need for it and got rid of it. She had eleven kids, it was one more toy in the way. It broke her heart and mine, since every time I went home I searched for Ginger in hopes she had only been misplaced or mom was mistaken. When I finally accepted she was gone I than searched different states Flea markets and Thrift stores. Today I decided to give the internet a tried and I was able to fine her and I did. She's still Beautiful. A Very Nostalgic Moment. Thank you for sharing. I will let mom know I found her and she's happy.

  • Melissa Barr Campbell

    Oh, I'm sorry this made you sad..I went through the same thing - ended up giving my PP to a cousin cause my mother said to. recently asked my cousin about her but she had no idea what happened to her. So I went on ebay and bought the same one I had, but couldn't find the dress...I bought an additional PP with curly hair and a Penny P. I lovel ooking at them. They do bring back that time of innocence. Our generation had the best - now the world is crazy.

  • Sandy Montgomery

    I was 6 yrs old in 1959 and received my Patti for Christmas that year. I was so excited when I saw her standing next to the Christmas tree. She had light brown hair styled in a pony tail, and she walked. Once in a while, my dad would see her out of the corner of his eye and think she was me. That summer, I remember my mom sewed matching tops and shorts for Patti and me. I wish I still had her. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to her.

Patti Playpal Doll Ideal Vintage Spit Curl G-35 Auburn Brown Hair Grn ... www.hydroponicson...

1959-1961 Patti Playpal nancysantiquesdollsandtoys....