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The U.S. Copyright Office has ruled that a piece of content produced by an animal can't be registered. "The Office will not register works produced by nature, animals or plants. Likewise, the office cannot register a work purportedly created by divine or supernatural beings, although the office may register a work where the application or the deposit copy(ies) state that the work was inspired by a divine spirit.” #nowyouknow #selfies source:

Stock photos that don’t suck A list of places to find the best free stock photos

Stock photos that don’t suck

Photo du Jour: Skinny Dipping at Night - Feature Shoot

Photo du Jour: Skinny Dipping at Night - Feature Shoot

ESPN Magazine Body Issue - Naked World Class Athletes 2 / ESPN has proved that taking off your clothes doesn’t always have to objectify.

“I never liked the idea of taking a photo just for yourself—I think everything is better when shared. Chiara Ferragni: It Girl, It Trend

Adam Magyar Talks About the Tech Behind His Mesmerizing Photo and Video Series

In photography, a diptych is a pair of photographs placed side by side to form one single artistic statement or comparison. The images can be identical or similar in composition, they can show different angles of the same scene, or they can demonstrate polar opposites such as morning and night, old and new, or before and after.

“Street photography is the hardest photography because you have to think on your feet” Mary Ellen Mark

Sue Bryce - posing guide

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