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I could never get myself to do a couples tattoo, but this is just super cute!

Lifes roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors. One of my favorite tattoos, the anchor! I love to sail and want to get one done really bad but cannot decide on how I want it to look and where I want it placed :/

His father died last year. When the funeral home offered to make a thumbprint for the family, he asked for an entire hand print. This past weekend, he had his father’s hand print inked on his shoulder permanently. || This is amazing. I'd do this.

Decorate your temple

"we only part to meet again" good tattoo to get when you loose someone you love.

Story of this tattoo : I got these a couple months ago for my parents who passed away when I was in high school. Its exact copies of their handwriting from birthday cards. I absolutely love them.