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larry Watson Pontiac at Custom Car ChronicleCustom Car Chronicle

Black and white photo of the Grapevine in the purple and lavender version taken by Al Paloczy at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills cemetery

Larry Watson's personal photo collection. Wow. #hotrod #kulture #custom #cars

Larry Watson Car Painter | Lowrider Version | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Santo Vasques' 1950 Chevrolet was scalloped by Larry Watson in 1957

56 ★

Another pic of this perfect '56

Not to often do we see a 1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery done up as a Custom Car. Larry painted this one in an off white pearl with gold flake top and butterscotch candy highlights. The unidentified car sits just right on wide whites and chrome reverse wheel in front of the Bill DeCarr/Watson Artesia blvd somewhere in 1960. The car had some chrome removed, but the door handles and hood ornament stayed in place. The Custom tube grille works well with 1955 Chevies....

1956 Chevy from the Larry Watson Collection this photo really shows how simple but effective this car was. Larry's purple candy paint job is outstanding, and is even enhanced by the cars all white tuck interior. The emblems where shaved, but that was as far as the customizing on the body went. The rest was done with perfect stance and the right set of wheels/tires and details.

Another great snapshot of Larry's personal 1957 Cadillac Brougham. This time it shows us a good view of the really nicely done interior done by Eddie Martinez in white pearl leatherette and pink fur carpeting. We also get a good look at the chrome plated door panels. Larry had a lot of parts chrome plated on this car. This photo is showing the car in the later version with the silver inset panel decorated with the horizontal chrome tape.

John Busman's 1956 Chevy in 1960's John had Larry repaint his very nice 1956 Chevy in a solid purple candy with pearl pink behind the side trim. A striking combination which looks extremely good on this car. A '56 Chevy which is only mildly customized with some trim removal, Spotlights, Lancer four bar hubcaps and a fantastic all white tuck interior....

A really great early evening photo of a really great 1960 Ford Starliner Custom in the front of Larry Watson's shop everything on it is just so right. The colors which appear to be dark champaign pearl with a dark candy brown on the top. But this is hard to tell in the late eventing sunlight. The stance on this car is really working well for it making it look like its going fast standing still.

A nice aged snapshot of the Larry Watson Photo Collection is this low angle photo of an unidentified 1959 Pontiac. The car has been painted in one of Larry's trademark outline paint jobs in candy medium blue over a pale peal blue. The nice subtile outlines makes this huge cal look a lot slimmer.

Really nice snapshot of LaVonne Bathke's 1958 Corvette in front of Larry famous 9012 Rosecrans blvd. Bellflower Shop. The long shadow and soft yellow orange sunlight indicates the photo was taken at the end of the day. Larry painted this 1958 Corvette at least twice for LaVonne. THis is the first version and the panel paint gives the near stock body a much slimmer look. The Custom hubcaps, lake pipes and dummy spotlights give is the perfect custom touch. One of the best Corvettes Larry ever did.

photo of Larry Watson's 1957 Cadillac Brougham shows how well detailed the car was. Wonderful pearl white tuck upholstery with soft pink carpeting. I love the detail on the fully upholstered gas filler inside the trunk. Larry added some additional chrome parts, including a fully chrome jack and a chromed box on the right which I cant tell what it is...

Fantastic overview photo from all these Larry Watson painted Customs in line at the Milk drive in next door to Larry's shop to get some Milk! Well not really. The photo is great, but I'm unsure if the building the cars are parked at is the Muffler shop or a diary shop. In other photos we can see the tall red sign to the left of the shop with big MILK letters. Anyway the cars are really great in this photo, and so is the shadow of the photographer - most likely Larry himself...

This great looking lavender pearl and Candy grape 1957 Chevy painted by Larry is yet another proof that these cars look so good as mild Custom Car. And it makes me wonder why we don't see them more done like this today. This unidentified car is really mild, even all the trim is left on the car. Custom Hubcaps, thin white wall tires, a slight stance adjustment and a fantastic Larry Watson paint job is all this car needed.

Odd looking American Bantam Hot Rod from the 1930's These cars already looked a bit odd with their unusual proportions. And this one with large - out of scale - tires makes it even look stranger. Larry Watson painted this one with many wonderful coats of Banana/peach yellow pearl. WHich makes the car look a lot better I think. But it sure is an unusual sight... this photo was taken at the Watson Firestone Blvd shop.

photo of the Delmer Brink/Bill Niekamp Roadster. Now with the Buick engine installed... Look at those hay trucks in the background... I love these old photos.

Model A Roadster which Bill DeCarr built and Larry painted for David C. Martin.

1957 Pontiac. This unidentified lime gold one is another fantastic mild custom to come out of the Watson shop.

A great shot of Mike Tidd's 1965 Buick that Larry painted for him. No customizing what I can see has done to this car, just some lowering - to get the perfect stance- the right wheels and tires and of coarse Larry's fantastic Candy red paint job. This photo was taken in 1967 and later Larry would add a cob webbed panel to the side of this car with gave it even more optical length than these land yachts already have.

A car that you don't see customized a lot is the 1966 Dart. And even thought this Larry Watson painted sample is only a mild custom I have to say it does look good. Larry sure helped the car with his two tone paint job with minimal scallops.