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Alyssa Hull

Alyssa Hull

Badass Navy wife, mother of two. Piercings, tattoos, modifications, love!

Does it bother you that I write about ATHEIST PARENTING? Here's why I'm going to continue doing it!

  • Raposa

    I, for one, am very glad that you do. It's nice to know there are other parents out there like us. I really had no idea how vicious and rude people could be when it came to raising our daughter free of religion. Just not doing the Santa thing alone meant certain family members don't talk to us any more & we were called bad parents

  • Karen Loethen

    ugh! It is terrible what we have to go through at times for being freethinkers! I do hope to see you on my blog......... http://taytayhser.blogspot.... .........I refuse to be quiet about it. ♥ Keep up the thoughtful parenting!

Something I've been coming to terms with....I know what I'm looking for and I'm not ok with settling.

The items are not for sale; the purpose of the image is to show the difference between how 1st world consumers look at products and what they might mean to other parts of the world. By Cordaid. Designed by Saatchi & Saatchi. Posted by Criatives.

My true allegiance; to my fellow humans, my planet, and, ultimately, my universe.

Dobri Dobrev's story: | 33 Pictures That Will Make You Proud To Be A Human Being Again

Flying Fish at Pike Place Fish Market ... Seattle, Washington

Superb c.1770 Powdered Wig with original wood stand and tin box. Wigs served a purpose but mostly they were a fashion statement, a measure of wealth and class status. Wig wearing was hygienic in nature and they were powdered predominately white or off white. Wigs for both men and women could be colored: violet, blue, pink or yellow. Wig powder was finely ground starch that was scented with orange flower, lavender or orris root.

Pro choice troll has two accounts. She has been trolling women's issues boards, harassing people with her 12-year-old's pretend idea of what abortion is. She threatened to kill me if I didn't remove all of my atheism and women's choice pins.

  • Janie Claypool

    I really don't understand why some people think they can tell others how they should live. I hope this person goes away....

  • Kaytheist

    Because they are taught in their school, at their church, and at home to go online and "evangelize" to nonbelievers. That's why they are so intrusive somewhere like this with Pinterest refusing to do anything to shut accounts down for bullying...only for showing female nipples.

  • Kaytheist

    I've seen homeskoolers books that are specifically for teaching online and "street" evangelizing, where kids accost people in stores, restaurants, etc. Sometimes they have to do a certain quota every day or's sickening.

  • Leslie Wilt

    what is her obsession with having babies? it's a bit creepy...

  • Jimmy the Smart Ass Atheist

    I just reported her too. Fuck that bitch.

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