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Clean eating, flexible dieting, lifting weights. 16 week ab progress!

Calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to stick to your goal. Find it on Amazon for $20. Have to try this. Great gift!

What Runners Want

Take BuzzFeed’s Clean Eating Challenge, Feel Like A Champion At Life

8 Yoga Exercises For Stretching Your Body: prepare your body for more strenuous and advanced yoga workouts.

Improved Brain Function Lower Stress Levels Alter Gene Expression Increased Flexibility Improved Lung Capacity Improved Sexual Function Reduced Chronic Neck Pain Anxiety Relief Relief from Chronic Back Pain Steady Blood Sugar Levels in People with Diabetes Improved Sense of Balance Stronger Bones Healthy Weight Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

Woman’s workout needs to be much shorter and less intense than a man’s in order to burn fat optimally.

Paleo Recipes for Autoimmune Conditions

never seen a site like this... you click on the body part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!

Be More Flexible: 10 Best Stretches: Fitness: : Tight hamstrings? Sore back? Stiff hips? Loosen up, already! #SELFmagazine

Yoga Sequence That Burns MEGA Calories! Do it as many times as you can.