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Ensinamentos Básicos dos Cães

Ensinamentos Básicos dos Cães


Cute -

Zęby to priorytet.

English (en) New


Arrepiado -

Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures -

Are you kidding me!!! Love.

Funny baby

  • Julie Bundakji

    @Superfriendlyandnice who cares how I type, it is not a direct reflection of my intelligence. However someone with an attitude such as yours should probably find better things to do than go around insulting so many via Pinterest. You are definitely ugly inside which is a shame, as for the outside it doesn't matter when the inside is so hideous.

  • Zentranced

    You guys do realize you're arguing with a really obvious troll, right?

  • Julie Bundakji

    Yes Hailey, that's why we stopped. Thank you for noticing the real moron here :)

  • Zentranced

    Lol just feel content knowing no matter what an Internet troll calls you, at least you're not an Internet troll. I can't imagine hitting such a low where all you can do is pick fights on the Internet. I pity the troll.

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Too Cool Babies – Baby Photos with Style

Like a boss

Like a boss -

Popcorn temptation

funny baby

funny baby -

Sexta-feira eu nem acredito

Maraton ( Yarış başladı )

Bir yemek hikayesi

Cantinho da Super Nanny