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Christmas Jewelry Patterns and Gifts

Christmas patterns for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, plus ideas for homemade Christmas gifts! Find beading patterns, jewelry patterns, and friendship bracelet patterns that are perfect for the holiday season.

The Christmas season is all about giving, and the 6 Fun and Free Christmas Jewelry Projects eBook is just what you need to get in the holiday spirit! These Christmas jewelry projects are perfect to make for gifts or for your to wear to all your holiday parties. | AllFreeJewelryMak...

If you are looking for an easy and a fun DIY hair accessories project to make for the Christmas season, then these Jolly Polymer Clay Hair Pins are just for you. This tutorial will teach you how to make hair accessories using polymer clay to create cute and sweet snowflake and holly hair pins.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift to make for a friend or family member, then this Wonderful Wire Heart Necklace tutorial is just for you. This DIY necklace is classic, elegant, and stylish, so it is one of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas for someone of any age.

Winter is the perfect season for fabric jewelry pieces, like this Stunning Snowflake Cuff. Warm and stylish, this DIY bracelet is perfect for cold and snowy days. Inspired from an Anthropologie bracelet, this DIY jewelry tutorial teaches you how to make a bracelet by wrapping fabric around a metal cuff and then topping it off with a stunning snowflake pin.

Stockings over the fireplace are an iconic Christmas tradition, but we often leave making or buying gifts for our last-minute shopping runs. This year, get a head start with these 29 Very Merry Homemade Christmas Gifts for all your stockings. Instead, make them heartfelt and homemade gifts with these DIY jewelry ideas for their stockings. After all, Santa's elves do not buy gifts, but handcraft them with Christmas cheer! | AllFreeJewelryMak...

One of the most enjoyable parts of any holiday is dressing for the occasion, and with these festive free jewelry patterns, you'll be twinkling like tinsel all through Christmas! If free beading patterns were on your wish list this year, then you're in luck, because this crafty collection includes 83 Holly Jolly Jewelry Patterns for Christmas to help you celebrate the season in style. | AllFreeJewelryMak...

83 Holly Jolly Jewelry Patterns for Christmas

This Christmas season, instead of just decorating your tree, decorate your ears with these DIY Christmas Color Block Earrings. Simple yet stylish, these DIY earrings are a perfect pair for the holiday season. Their metallic silver bottom half give these DIY jewelry pieces a chic look, while the top red half make these earring festive and jolly.

DIY Christmas Color Block Earrings

These Very Merry Holiday Bow Bracelets are the perfect DIY jewelry project to make for the holiday season. Fun, festive, and bright, these DIY bracelets glitter and shine with Christmas Cheer. This easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how to make bracelets with only three materials.

Very Merry Holiday Bow Bracelets

Learn how to make earrings that are perfect for the holiday season with this Golden Candlelit Crystal Earrings tutorial. Charming, stylish, and gorgeous, these DIY earrings are perfect to wear for Christmas and New Year. The gold color of these crystal beads give these DIY jewelry pieces a candlelit feel to them, as if they were a Christmas candle or New Year's Eve sparkler.

Learn how to make earrings that are perfect for the Christmas season with this Dashing Dangle Earrings tutorial. This free DIY jewelry project is great for the holiday season because of the jolly red beads it uses.

Dashing Dangle Earrings

If you are looking for fun and funky holiday necklaces to make, then you should craft these Christmas Red and Holiday Green Necklaces. This easy-to-make project teaches you how to make a necklace in both a festive green and jolly red color.

Christmas Red and Holiday Green Necklaces

In this collection of 31 DIY Christmas Earrings, you'll find a pair of DIY earrings for every day in December! From candy canes to Santa Claus, from snowflakes to fir trees, these DIY earrings include every classic Christmas icon imaginable. Whether you make them for yourself or your loved ones, these DIY Christmas earrings are sure to bring a lot of festive and fashionable fun to your holiday season!| AllFreeJewelryMak...

Make Ornaments for Your Ears! 31 DIY Christmas Earrings

Looking for some affordable homemade Christmas gifts make for friends, family, co-workers, or any of those hard-to-shop-for people? We've come up with 37 Last-Minute, Inexpensive Christmas Gifts to Make this year for lots of people on your list! With this collection of free jewelry projects and beading patterns, you'll have no trouble figuring out how to make easy, last-minute homemade Christmas gifts for all your girlfriends and loved ones.| AllFreeJewelryMak...

37 Last-Minute, Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Gifts

Wear these adorable Snow Globe Glitter Rings all winter long to jazz up your fingers during the coldest season of the year. These DIY rings bring warmth and cheer to your appearance with their classic charm and glow.

Adorn yourself for the holidays with 16 Free Beading Patterns for Christmas Jewelry! We've collected some of our most festive Christmas bead patterns and projects to help you get in the holiday spirit this season. | AllFreeJewelryMak...

Need something to do with all those leftover Christmas decorations that are not good enough to be used again next year? Let these Quick Holiday Party Earrings inspire you into making some unique recycled jewelry!

#Last-minute DIY Cute Christmas Tree Earrings! Make Christmas earrings you'll want to wear all season long with this easy tutorial for Cute Christmas Tree Earrings.

Cute Christmas Tree Earrings

Stunning Snowflake Earrings: a winter favorite that would be a great #DIY gift idea!

Stunning Snowflake Earrings

This Candy Cane Bracelet is a fun DIY Christmas accessory. We love this peppermint look!

Mellywood's Mansion: The Candy Cane Bracelet

DIY Christmas Jewelry. If you are looking for a homemade necklace for Christmas, this sweet snowman pendant necklace is for you!

A #DIY tutorial for Adorable Bauble Earrings to put a little shine into your holiday wardrobe this season.

Christmas Bauble Earrings

Mustache Comb Case - not exactly jewelry, but an accessory men will love!

Tired of your dangle earrings weighing you down? Try a lighter alternative: the Beautiful Beaded Earrings Pattern. This a great, simple Christmas present!

Beautiful Beaded Earrings Pattern