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Cool Bracelets to Make

Learn how to make cool bracelets of all kinds with these free bracelet patterns and projects! From string bracelet patterns to stitched bracelet patterns to beaded bracelet patterns, you'll find all kinds of easy DIY bracelets to make on this board.

Easy bracelets are fun to make for yourself and for your friends, and they are so quick to put together that you can make them by the wristful. To help satisfy all our endless bracelet-making urges, we've pulled together this collection of super easy bracelet patterns that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes! In Easy DIY Bracelet Designs: 14 Ways to Make Bracelets, you'll find 14 basic bracelet patterns that are low on effort but big on style. | AllFreeJewelryMak...

Harry Potter Gryffindor Inspired Bracelet at

Learn how to make a bracelet that is both chic and glamorous with this Stylishly Suede-Wrapped Bracelet DIY tutorial. Instead of just learning how to make a bracelet, this project shoes you how to wrap suede around rhinestones to create a unique and stunning piece.

Stylishly Suede-Wrapped Bracelet

Learn How to Make Friendship Bracelets with Rubber Bands with this free DIY jewelry tutorial. Instead of learning how to make a friendship bracelet with thread, learn how to make one using rubber bands.

How to Make Friendship Bracelets with Rubber Bands

Learn How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets with this colorful and delightful DIY bracelet tutorial. Not only will you learn how to make cute rubber band bracelets, but also how to make friendship bracelets. These bracelets are fun, energetic, and bright, so they will also make your appearance more cheery every time you wear them.

How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets

With Have an Arm Party! 30 Stackable to Make, we have all the options you need to create a blended bracelet look that is just for you. From wrap bracelets to macrame patterns to braided hemp bracelet patterns, you are sure to find several bracelets for you amongst this collections of DIY bracelet patterns. | AllFreeJewelryMak...

Have an Arm Party! 30 Stackable Bracelets to Make

Thanks, I Made It : DIY Chunky Bead Bracelet

Thanks, I Made It : DIY Chunky Bead Bracelet

How to make braided bracelets with beads- drop beautiful beads

How to make braided bracelets with beads- drop beautiful beads

3 Steps on Making Leather Cord Friendship Bracelet for Men with Sliding Knots

With this easy and quick 4 Step Leather Knotted Bracelet, you will have a simple, yet beautiful, DIY bracelet to wear. This easy leather tutorial shows you how to make a bracelet by simply just knotting leather cords together.

Get in-style with this gorgeous and budget-friendly Luxe Quartz Bangle. This DIY jewelry project is one of the easier and more sophisticated DIY bracelets to make. Charming and gorgeous, this chic DIY bracelet makes the perfect gift for friends and family members.

Dazzlingly Delicate Rhinestone Anklet and Bracelet is the perfect DIY jewelry project for anyone that loves to wear a little glamour and sparkle around their wrists or ankles. Do not let the chain work put you off, even if you are not experienced working with chain to make DIY jewelry pieces.

25 DIY bracelets - Henry Happened

25 DIY bracelets - Henry Happened

If you are looking for a creative and budget-friendly DIY jewelry idea, then make this Hearty Hardware DIY Bracelet next. Cute and unique, this how to make a bracelet tutorial has easy-to-follow instructions with an clear example shown by video.

Learn how to make a bracelet that is both unique and adorable with this Buttons as Charms DIY Bracelet tutorial. This fabulous DIY jewelry tutorial comes with a clear and easy-to-follow video that will have you wearing your DIY bracelet in no time.

A Necktie for Your Wrists is a creative way to make a DIY jewelry piece. If you have any old neckties lying around your house, do not get rid of them. Instead, make one of these cool cuffs for your wrists as a fashionable DIY statement piece.

Fancy Beaded Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Get creative with your DIY jewelry making and craft together one, or all, of these 3 Bejeweled by Buttons Bracelets. Instead of having to go out and buy beads, just use buttons from your house to make these unique and fun DIY bracelets.

If you are looking for a beautiful and stylish strand bracelet tutorial, then these Stunningly Sparkly DIY Bracelets should be your next DIY jewelry project that you make. With easy-to-follow instructions on how to make bracelets, you will be able to make multiple of these metallic and chic crystal bracelets.

These Mini Monogram Bracelets are an adorable and fun DIY bracelet project. Simple, endearing, and charming, these DIY jewelry pieces make for a perfect gift for your daughters and their friends.

These quick Chic and Sleek DIY Bracelets are the perfect new DIY jewelry project for you to do. With simple to follow instructions on how to make bracelets, you will have these crystal and chain bracelets finished in less than an hour.

Modeled off of an Anthropologie bracelet, this Luminous Leather and Pearl Bracelet is the fabulous DIY jewelry version. With this easy tutorial, you will learn how to make a bracelet by wiring pearls and wrapping leather. This DIY bracelet is perfect for summer because it pops with bright colors that will bring a smile to your eyes.

This Pretty Polka Dot Bow Bracelet is a perfect DIY jewelry piece to craft next. Easy and fun to make, this fabric DIY bracelet tutorial not only teaches you how to make a bracelet, but also how to add a little glimmer and shine to your already adorable bracelet.

This Aqua Blue Pearl DIY Leather Bracelet takes the classic pearl bracelet look and gives it a chic twist. With its leather base, this DIY bracelet has a soft and smooth feel, with a glamorous exterior of beautiful blue pearls and remarkable rhinestones. There is even a touch of gorgeous gold on this bracelet.