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ASPCA Adoptable Animals

Make pet adoption your first option! View all of the dogs and cats available for adoption at our NYC adoption center by visiting

Gia is our Pet of the Week! This sweet girl has mesmerizing eyes and asthma, so a non-smoking home would be best. Adopt this 2 year-old cat today!

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Gia

Our Pet of the Week is Bonnie! This one year-old Pit Bull mix who loves being active with her friends! To her, there's nothing better than sprinting after a tennis ball. Take Bonnie home today!

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Bonnie

Roc is a 12 year old cat who's very friendly. While he isn’t a big fan of dogs, he really enjoys the companionship of other cats. Roc would love to join your family—especially if you have a resident cat or two for him to befriend!

It's Adopt a Shelter Cat Month - consider a senior cat! Simbasa's a big, gentle girl who's 8 years old. She enjoys snoozing on a large pillow by the window, but she’ll gladly wake up for a tasty treat and a nice long petting session.

Caitlyn and Dermott are our Pets of the Week! This cute couple came to us after a cruelty investigation. Caitlyn is partially blind and Dermott is fully blind, but that doesn't stop these pups from getting around! Both dogs are understandably shy after their early experiences, but these sweet dogs have lots of love to give. These "mystery mutts" are an unknown breed, but are 100% adorable! While they do not have to go home together, they must each go to a home with another canine companion. Adopt them today!

ASPCA Pets of the Week: Caitlyn and Dermott

Our Pet of the Week is Gretchen! This pint-sized pup loves her snacks. She's a 5 year -old Chihuahua who is shy around new people, but with a little time (and some treats!), she'd be happy to curl up next to you on the couch! Call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120 to take her home today.

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Gretchen

Meet Avril! This 11 year-old cat takes a little time to warm up, but once she does, she'll show you her playful side! Watch a video of her in action here:

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Avril

America is our Pet of the Week! This one year old Pit Bull/Pointer mix is covered in adorable freckles. She loves playtime with her special people and dogs her own size. Take her home today! Visit this link for more info on America:

ASPCA Pet of the Week: America

Hal is a 4 year-old cat found left in a carrier on the street last summer. He's a little on the shy side, but loves being around people despite his rough beginning. At his foster home, he loved getting attention during a brunch party! Visit this link to learn more about Hal:

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Hal

Milan is our Pet of the Week! This one year-old cat came to us after falling out of a window, but has made an amazing recovery. Now he loves to play and get back scratches! Take Milan home today:

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Milan

Finley is our Pet of the Week! She's a beautiful 2 year-old brindle Pit Bull mix. She loves people and playtime most of all! If you're looking for an active dog who'd love to be your exercise buddy, Finley's your girl! Learn more about here here:

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Finley

Our Pet of the Week is Robbie! This friendly one year-old tabby has a weakness for toys with strings - he'll play with them for hours! He's a very social and active cat who makes an adorable chirping noise when he's happy. Take Robbie home today!

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Robbie

Bella is an 11 month-old Pit Bull who loves people! This beautiful girl loves to play all day and hates to be lazy. Adopt her today!

ASPCA Pet of the Week: Bella

China is a friendly 4 year-old cat who loves o curl up by the window for a nap. This long-haired beauty also gets along with other cats! Take China home today:

ASPCA Pet of the Week: China

Ghost is a 3 year-old Dogue de Bordeaux Mix who's one of the happiest dogs we know! He loves every person he meets. Check out more St. Patrick's Day themed photos here:

  • Teta D

    He's SUPER cute, but in all honesty: Please stop with names which can frak out a potential adopter: Ghost, Whisper, Shadow, Lil Devil, etc. Thanks!

Schwinn is a 6 year-old orange cat who's the perfect sidekick - he'd love to keep his people company all day! Watch a video of him at our St. Patrick's Day photo shoot here: