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small* obsession. l I don't think anyone realized just how much I actually love it.. Probably because I don't show it as much as I feel it. Hence the pin.

Transdimensional Obsession

I agree about the awkwardness. ;)

J. R. R. Tolkien -- The Lord of the Rings Source: radiatelikesunshine Tumblr

This quote is actually from an episode of Doctor Who. Vincent Van Gogh tries to explain how he sees the world. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of script writing I've seen. That's why I've pinned it on my geek board and on this board, because this makes my life happier.

The Great Intelligence Through the Ages 1967 - 2012 - for new who fans who don't know the Doctor's history with the Great Intelligence

♥ From that episode that nobody likes to talk about.

If you look at the chairs it's the same chair. What if Jenny crash landed on the Dalek asylum and the fall caused her to regenerate? Also, since she is a Time Lord, what if she somehow figured out how to time travel? It would explain why she is with him at different times.