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Wolf Wolf Wolf

  • Sheena Oja

    They are very beautiful animals, however, they need to be controlled. They are killing elk, deer, livestock, pets, and they could even hunt you. There is a reason we kill them!

  • Nathen Kieba

    Y u mean best poor wolf

  • Kimberly Bauer

    Disgusting, period.

  • Ellie Gossage

    This guy is a disgusting excuse for a human

  • Trish Harritt Burton

    People fear what they do not understand. The thirst for blood is in the human species, they kill for the thrill. If something needs to be thinned out it is humans . Animals take care of thinning by weeding out the sick, elderly or injured. So sad that people think this is cool or right .... One day the tables may turn. Sheena seems to fear what she really does not understand .... Man is the beast not the animals.

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Wolf Wolf Wolf

Wolf Wolf Wolf


Wolf Wolf Wolf

Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf

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Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf

  • Catherine Neutze

    Lol I'm not sure what's going on with this Wolves hair! He looks like a muppet!

  • Molly Nagel

    that's because it basically is a muppet. Actually it's a costume made by the amazing artist Lilleah West, who goes by Beastcub.