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Live the Law of Attraction - CooL blog

Beautiful -- I could live with this pool area - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins

Double decker hot tub with bar and tv - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

The Focus Wheel Process. Check out the post behind this picture. I'll be referring to it on my blog soon! Great info. :-)

The Law of Attraction says that your brain, with the right focus and emotion, can attract to you everything you desire. By creating a vision board you will have an essential tool to get your subconscious imprinted with the things you desire, the career you deserve, and the life you want to live!

The Law of Attraction explained in 3 bullet points. Everything is vibrational energy. The chair we sit on, the table we use - they are all particles vibrating at different frequencies. Likewise, thoughts are also vibrational energy and each thought has its own frequency. Frequencies that are similar or alike attract and are attracted to each other. A phenomenon known as 'entrainment' occur where the two frequencies become in sync. That's fundamentally how law of attraction works.

A FREE simple script to reduce or even eliminate stress in less than 3 minutes! Look for the diagram of EFT tapping points I posted to guide you as far as where to tap.

This is the chart that shows where to tap when using Emotional Freedom Technique. In order to be a match to attraction good feeling experiences, you must feel good. EFT helps you to do just that!