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Garlic chives - I love the white flowers, and I love the milder, garlic-flavored chives. Definitely a must in my edible front yard.

If you buy stevia at the supermarket, here's an even better way to get it: How to grow and propagate your own Stevia rebaudiana plant, how to use it in cooking, etc. Awesome article with great pictures.

Stevia rebaudiana

Purple leaf sage - gorgeous, aromatic, and culinarily useful. It attracts beneficial insects like butterflies, hoverflies, and ladybugs. And...

Purple Leaf Sage

If you've never seen E. purpurea bloom, it doesn't unfurl like most flowers do. Instead, it sticks out tiny little petals that slowly grow out in a ring along the edge of the flat top of the flower, & while they grow they slowly turn purple. The cone of the flower elongates, the petals droop over & backwards, & you get the characteristic-looking echinacea flower.

Echinacea purpurea, Purple coneflower, getting ready to bloom!