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Impressive Male Physiques

Impressive male physiques that can inspire you to stay on your diet or go to the gym when you just don't feel like it.

Bodybuilding Principles: Basics of Muscle Building Workouts--Most novices who want to build muscle do not understand basic bodybuilding principles. Although they know that weight training is the basis of a muscle building workout, beyond that they have almost no direction: bodytransformatio...

Lifting Weights to Lose Weight for Beginners--Lifting weights to lose weight for beginners seems contradictory. Since most weight training basics articles are written for people who want to build muscle, people who want to lose fat usually do not think that lifting weights to lose weight is effective for beginners: bodytransformatio...

Alan Ritchson

Three tips to build lean muscle without fat #EliteGreatness

Cristiano Ronaldo

Steve cook - inspiration