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haha so true! when we were in Cali on our way to move to New York, we were at target and Jayden told our cashier that she needed to take a shower because her teeth were dirty!!! thank god Aaron was there because I had to WALK AWAY from laughing so hard. I was crying lol. I couldn't believe he said that!

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  • Jenny Seitz

    I love Aruba! I go there every march :)

  • Dianne Bell

    Going in the fall. Not sure what to expect-- as far as will alot of things be in walking distance, what we should make sure to see, etc. May see how far Baby Beach is from our accommodations. Or see if it is best to use public transportation, rent a car, or pay for a cab.

  • Samantha "Sammie" McMichael

    Diane, we rented a car! Baby beach as it the end of the island! If your staying in the high rise hotel are there is lots withing walking distance but we wanted to venture to restaurants, the harbor and shopping areas all over the island! You can take a tour of the island that goes to baby beach for a few hours! It's DePalm Tours! It's very reasonable in price!

  • Audra Croft

    Going in September, cannot wait! Having our wedding on the beach with the Occidential Grand Aruba. Has anyone ever went skydiving there?

  • Madame Star

    Stay in your hotel area.

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Timber the Golden Retriever

What a lovable Golden pup!