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Rock Cycle Vocabulary Cards and Word Wall - This is a set of 16 Rock Cycle Vocabulary cards that you can use with your students in geology unit dealing with the rock cycle. I originally created them for my ELL students to look like trading cards and soon found that all of my students LOVE using them! I’ve also added an enlarged set of these cards that you can post in your room to use as a word wall or bulletin board.

BIG list of Geography Themed Resources and Freebies

Inexpensive Geography Projects

Inexpensive Geography Projects

Infographics for Understanding Global Statistics

5 helpful resources for teachers, Geography Awareness Week #school #lessonplans #geography #teaching

2012 Geography Awareness Week

Student cardboard map project

Here's a terrific post on different types of map projections.

Five themes of Geography bulletin board

7 Ways to Use an Outline Map and Write About It

Do this as a center with cut and paste cubes (tuck the top in) - side one - illustration, side two - city/state/country, etc... - side 3 - Chicago, IL, USA... Do Chicago, IL, USA, NA, Northern Hemisphere, Earth

LEGOS for learning geography.

Plate Tectonics with Oreo Cookies | Geography Education |

50 states song in geographical order. My kids and I had so much fun learning this song, and now we can easily find any state.

National Geographic resources supporting the common core

Map Nesting Cans Activity! "My town is inside my state, which is inside the US, which is inside..." etc.