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justifying the y chromosome stolen from miss perii lyons,help us do it!~

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justifying the y chromosome stolen from miss perii lyons,help us do it!~

  • 147 Pins

ab thank you for being in my life.

Kurt Cobain.

  • Ashley McGuire

    Love this photo. I have never seen it before.

  • Tiny Knight

    I actually have this photo on my Tumblr o-o Its very beautiful. Whoever took the photo was able to capture this moment of pure serenity... At least it seems that way to me...

  • Sheena C.

    It's a cropped photo that's funny when you see the full thing. Kurt is feeding lettuce to Dave.

  • Tiny Knight

    ^ I thought it was grapes... ._.

  • Alison Ferrara

    This warmed my ❤️

Kurt Cobain's journals

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Kurt :')

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain

geliebt wie das licht

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love with Frances Bean Cobain in 1992

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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

  • KHeather

    I love this photo, its like happiness on their faces, completely candid even though they knew the photo was being taking.

Kurt Cobain

  • Ashley McGuire

    Those eyes. I was really young when Kurt died, too young to get it. 27 seemed so far away. I'm now 28 and it just leaves me reeling. This picture just makes me sad. His eyes say it all. You are so brave Clover. I've always just wanted to give you a hug and hope you felt it. Much love, respect, and admiration from me ♥

  • Courtney Love

    this is him, its my favorite of the public pictures, its who he is

  • Chantal Reyes

    He just always seemed like a guy you knew. I think tyats part of the reason everyone loved him. It just felt like he was my friend Kurt from down the block.

Kurt Cobain

Penguins Report: 3/7/11

Kurt Cobain #Nirvana

Robert Redford -The Sting


Men: Robert Redford, "The Way We Were."

Norman Reedus

Normam Reedus

Dylan in Bangor, Maine. by Ken Regan

A tribute to Pre-Code Hollywood set to Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine. *This is a reupload.

(Interesting dialogue from a Frank Capra film. :D)

Jean Harlow defies all the rules in this short clip and throughout the enitre viewing of Red Headed Woman 1932.

So I finally figured out my password to this account and was surprised by the amount of views and comments! Thank you everyone! I apologize for the awful narration. For the person who asked if someone was holding a gun to my head and forcing me to read this, they were right. Someone was holding a gun to my head, so I was nervous and couldn't ...

Children actress Gretchen Young, first billed as Loretta Young in 1928.