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Potatoes in a Sack - Yields are higher and it saves space in the garden for other things!

@Kate Neat! Birdbaths made out of floor lamps.

Mesquitoes DO NOT LIKE the SMELL of MINT. I spray store brand MINT Listerine on my patio and my body/clothes and it WORKS! I feel better about SKIN CONTACT with Listerine than BUG CHEMICALS.

@Kate Howell THIS is how I could get more flowers on my patio!!!!Maybe next spring? These look very cool! Lowes sells the 4 to 6" round PVC pipe with holes already drilled. Purchase an end cap, fill with rock, soil, and plant. I will often put these in the center of a very large pot to stabilize, and add amazing height and color to a container that has trailing plants (no end cap or rock needed if you are placing in a container) LOVE THIS!!

DIYgardenpath JENNY- this is what I was trying to explain to you about a month ago! GET IT?

  • Sheila McCormick Auffrey

    I love this for the years past I think I have poured a mile of cement in the yard making pathways.

Wet newspapers and put layers around the plants overlapping as you go; cover with mulch and forget about weeds. Weeds will get through some gardening plastic; they will not get through wet newspaper. Good composting!

example of drip irrigation, 4 or 5 small holes poked through the bottom of the bottle, bury it in the pot, refill as needed.

Veronica, I knew I wasn't the only one crazy about these little guys! such a cute idea! and I love succulants!! great tips on here too for caring for the plants

  • Veronica Broe

    Oh thanks Brandy, I really do love them, especially the ease of caring for them..

succulents. Can anybody ID the plants? Plant it in what medium? SOMEBODY OUT THERE HELP ME! LOL!

Need I say it???????? TWEEZERS. LOL!

teeny tiny blooms... tweezers will be a MUST!

like little pom poms