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Michael Shannon, photographed by Robbie Fimmano for Matches Fashion Man, S/S 2014.

Mark Wahlberg

Ryan Gosling

James Franco. Cuter than a baby seal.

Michael Pitt

I think this is probably one of my top 2 fav pix of Sam Rockwell

Aaron Paul in Burberry in New York City

Simon Pegg. ♥ Such a nerdy crush on this guy! - me too! (CageyOne)

Oscar Isaac - Inside Llewyn Davis

Daniel Bruhl - most talented and beautiful creature on Earth...

Chris Colfer || Kurt Hummel

  • Lea

    Are you watching the following? I love that show!

Scoot McNairy - Photography by Indira Cesarine - The Untitled Magazine

Jeremy Davies. A truly great actor. Close to my Hall of Fame. Oh! I must go pin his Great Performance Board pin!

  • Cagey One

    YOU TOO??????? I had to go into rehab for that one! I think i saw you repinned Matthew Fox recently didn't you? I discovered it SO late - i watched the whole series in about six weeks. I was insane. And sobbed like a baby at the end.

  • Rose

    omg Lost was just the most addictive thing EVER. i was soooo obsessed with it. i watched it from when it first aired, i still remember. and so did i,i cried like a baby att quiet a few of the episodes haha

  • Cagey One

    u were right, we are so alike! some poeple wouldn't let me indulge my feelings, but i didn't care - i was TOTALLY INVOLVED! I loved those people so much! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!

  • Rose

    me too. you ended up feeling like you really knew them. ohhhhh dont say that! it makes me feel teary! haha NOT PENNYS BOAT

  • Cagey One

    a freind of mine got an extra giveaway from a LOST event at work (cuz u know wer i work now) - and i got a bottle of "OCEANIC" water!!!!! the airline they flew on! it's labeled with their name! it's too cool!!!

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