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Sign up to see the rest of what's here! “Too many are giving up because they are tired of constantly feeling like they are falling short. They have tried in the past, but they always feel like they are just not good enough. In all cases there should never be just two options: perfection or giving up. Growth and development take time. When we understand grace, we understand that God is long-suffering, that change is a process, and that repentance is a pattern in our lives.” –Brad Wilcox

Your Spiritual Sword - Personal Revelation D&C 9- seriously listen to this! It is so helpful in teaching about personal revelation

The Sacrament Prayer(s): A comparison of the blessings on the bread and water.

SACRAMENT PRAYER(S) - MODERN ROOTS - Family Trees and Graphics

LDS Dispensations Handout | Mormon Share

LDS Dispensations Handout | Mormon Share

All Things Bright and Beautiful: Come Follow Me: Dating

All Things Bright and Beautiful: Come Follow Me: Dating

Family Night: Choosing Happiness. I really like this one.

Family Night: Choosing Happiness - Or so she says...

YW Lesson Help. Importance of Scripture Study. Power point and Handout

YW May Lesson #4 Scripture Study

John Hilton III is awesome! These are 4 amazing teaching ideas on how to help your family (or class) know how to increase their testimony! ...

Young Women's handout for August : Marriage and Family Lesson

older and wisor: Marriage and Family Lesson Handout

LDS YOUNG WOMEN August "Marriage and Family" {Come, Follow Me} lesson helps for "How do the roles of men and women complement each other in families?" www.LatterDayVill... #LDS #Mormon #YoungWomen

Book of Mormon map. I love this map I followed it while I read the scriptures it was drawn about....and it has improved the quality of my study! I wish I had it when I had younger kids.

Book of Mormon study map – Alma 1-27 | The Red Headed Hostess

Personalizing your patriarchal blessing

Personalizing your patriarchal blessing

SM... Lock has reference and key has title. Must use the correct key to unlock. Submitted by Jenni Carter

Come Follow Me - This is an amazing blog by one of the women that helped write the new curriculum. Wonderful lesson helps and teaching tips

Don't you HATE mosquito bites?! D. Kelly Ogden has a great lesson to learn about what to stand up against, even if its the {littlest} "sinsect."

Time Out for Women - Little Flies and Little Lies

LDS, Young Women, activity and lesson about the traps lies the devil tells

Some Sweet Talking Girl: Sifting Through the Devils lies

How is the Holy Ghost like a soda can?!" When none of them answered, we discussed how it is easy to crush an empty can. But, a can that is filled is extremely difficult. When we fill our lives with the Holy Ghost, we can not be crushed by adversity!

The Hill Family: Holy Ghost Lesson

Cotton vs. sandpaper words--great FHE idea on Kind Words

Cotton vs. Sandpaper Words

Act of Kindness Object Lesson: Testing how small acts of kindness create ripples. from Pennies of Time #serveothers

Pennies of Time: Object Lesson on Acts of Kindness

A must read article about Ruth! I really want to be like her.

Being as Ruth | The Red Headed Hostess

How can the Atonement help me during my trials booklet - you can make this and keep it nearby to read when you are having a difficult time

This is a print your own book about the history of the Bible and the importance of the Book of Mormon. So clearly explained and easy to und...

The History of the Bible Flip Book | The Red Headed Hostess