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LDS, Young Women, activity and lesson about the traps lies the devil tells

Some Sweet Talking Girl: Sifting Through the Devils lies

How is the Holy Ghost like a soda can?!" When none of them answered, we discussed how it is easy to crush an empty can. But, a can that is filled is extremely difficult. When we fill our lives with the Holy Ghost, we can not be crushed by adversity!

The Hill Family: Holy Ghost Lesson

Cotton vs. sandpaper words--great FHE idea on Kind Words

Cotton vs. Sandpaper Words

Act of Kindness Object Lesson: Testing how small acts of kindness create ripples. from Pennies of Time #serveothers

Pennies of Time: Object Lesson on Acts of Kindness

A must read article about Ruth! I really want to be like her.

Being as Ruth | The Red Headed Hostess

How can the Atonement help me during my trials booklet - you can make this and keep it nearby to read when you are having a difficult time

This is a print your own book about the history of the Bible and the importance of the Book of Mormon. So clearly explained and easy to und...

The History of the Bible Flip Book | The Red Headed Hostess

Elder Holland's 10 Best Talks of All Time

Elder Holland's 10 Best Talks of All Time | Aggieland Mormons

Relief Society "The Plan of Salvation" Joseph Fielding Smith Chapter 3. Many lesson resources: including handouts, posters, scripture cards, and more! latter-dayvillage...

Mary Ellen Edmunds has great advice about how to think about prayer and what we sew vs. what we reap.

David M. McConkie, "Teaching with the Power and Authority of God," October 2013 General Conference #ldsconf

Image detail for -lineage-from-abraham-to-jesus-chart

great idea to pass out scripture/reading assignments for teaching.

Sweet Farewell | Inkablinka

FHE! Tired of hearing, "That isn't fair!" This activity is a great way to help children understand that fair isn't when everyone gets the same's when everyone gets just what they need. All you'll need for this lesson is a big box of Band-Aids and some time for class discussion. Love the simplicity and impact of this lesson!

Teach From The Heart: Flashback to Third - Is this Fair?

Free Download. Geographical Timeline of Early LDS Church History. This gives you a simple overview of where the Saints were and what events took place in any given year. It's especially useful when reading the Doctrine and Covenants, for finding what events were going at the time a section was received.

Put suckers in a bag to match the number of students you have...making sure there are 2 of each flavor (3 of one if you have an odd number)...students pick a sucker, and their partner is the one who has the matching flavor!

Stories from General Conference Priesthood - Episode 68

Priesthood - Episode 68

This devotional is life changing. You'll never view the 121-123 sections of D in the same way. Testimony builder. Lessons from Liberty Jail - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Sep 7, 2008 Video (44:25)

Church Education System Devotionals