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Heritage Heartcraft

Heirloom quality thread crochet by Cara Louise. Patterns- Custom Orders- Facebook- Website- Pinterest-

#HeritageHeartcraft- READY TO SHIP SALE Small white angels with gold halos, about 4 inches tall, $7 each. ~ Delta lace girl angel ~ Shell girl angel ~ Shell boy angel 1 ~ Shell boy angel 2

Time is Valuable... and fleeting! The Heritage Heartcraft Method for Staying on Task.

Pineapple Lace Pattern Collection #summer #crochet from #HeritageHeartcraft

Ravelry: Pineapple Lace Pattern Collection - patterns

#SomethingToLove- Celebrating the 6 year anniversary of Lovey-Dove at #HeritageHeartcraft!

Round catch-all dish/votive #candle holder #unique gift from #HeritageHeartcraft by #CaraLouise #handmade

Home from Heritage Heartcraft

Small 'stained glass' #crocheted #cross ornament bookmark, #handmade by #CaraLouise, #HeritageHeartcraft #pattern available at

Home from Heritage Heartcraft

#Lace and #Flowers Small crocheted #heart ornament decoration #handmade by #CaraLouise at #HeritageHeartcraft

Home from Heritage Heartcraft

#Pineapple #heart #handmade crocheted ornament, #love and #roses go together so well! by #CaraLouise at #HeritageHeartcraft

Home from Heritage Heartcraft

Liese #country #angel with a bit of #German-inspired flair by #CaraLouise at #HeritageHeartcraft

Home from Heritage Heartcraft

Tiny #Angels! Shown worked in gold, sparkly white, pink, and blue. These little cuties are only about 2 inches tall and may be ordered from #HeritageHeartcraft in any color you want. 'Tiny #Christmas Angel' designed by Elizabeth Ann White at #BellaCrochet

Tiny Angel Ornament

3-D #snowflake #ornament, looks like carved ivory, but it's really #crochet! by #CaraLouise at #HeritageHeartcraft #handmade

Home from Heritage Heartcraft

Delta Lace Easter Egg, a pattern for thread crochet from Heritage Heartcraft

Rustic Elegance: Burlap and Handcrafted Lace work wonderfully together to bring a touch of Victorian charm to any home. Tan colored burlap base measures 8 inches across and is adorned with a beautifully designed 12-point doily in your choice of color. A White Canvas Base may be substituted for the burlap if desired. Small Quartz Clock Movement operates with one AA Battery (battery not included) and features shiny brass hands and silent operation.

Your table will be perfectly dressed for the Easter Holiday season with this 6 piece set of hand crocheted Easter eggs from Heritage Heartcraft. The beautiful lace covers are worked around a plastic egg form, and so will maintain their shape without any special care. Set includes 6 eggs, one each in pink, purple, o...

Del, a small boy angel in thread crochet, designed by Heritage Heartcraft

This tiny sugar skull charm is handcrafted from fine crochet thread and carefully embroidered with bright colors, from Heritage Heartcraft. Sugar skulls originated in the Mexican and other Central and South American heritage of Day of the Dead and the Catholic faith connected with All Souls Day. While remembering departed friends and family members, the celebrations often are focused more on the enjoyment and camaraderie of existing family and friends.