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My Mitten State (Michigan!)

What could be better than living in a state shaped like a mitten, close to gorgeous Lake Michigan?!

Michigan UpNorth I-75 Collectible Mackinaw Bridge in distance

Grand Rapids, Michigan: River too high to remove Dumpster | WOOD TV8 I can't decide if this story is funny, sad, or pathetic!

Lake Huron Beach Rocks, Michigan. It's true that we have some rocky beaches, but they are fascinating rocks.

Beautiful Michigan Sky #puremichigan

  • Stephanie Sandberg

    One refugee I interviewed talked about how the sky in Michigan felt closer to his he could just reach up and touch it! Beautiful photo!

You know you're from Michigan when...

Best times to see fall colors in Michigan by region. I need to do this. Fall will be over before we know it!

View of Lake Michigan from my beach chair. Holland, Michigan State Park.

Holland, Michigan.

How to Spot a Michigan Resident with a DUI Conviction. LOL.

U.S. Map according to Michiganders! Sadly, this is pretty accurate. Lol.